Thrifty Vegan Fashion

Being a fashionable vegan can be very hard on your wallet. As someone who does not make a six-figure salary, I cannot shop the Stella McCartney collection. (I love Stella and actually own one of her gorgeous handbags, but it was a gift and I’m afraid to take it out because it was so expensive!) So I’m here to help you find vegan accent pieces for your wardrobe that will not break the bank!

This month, I trolled around The Americana, which, for those of you who do not live in LA, is an outdoor shopping experience equipped with a train, a fountain, and several clothing stores. After a good 6 hour hunt, I managed to find only two items, (be glad I’m doing this for you!) that I love and can sport during the work day or out on a Friday night!


First up, H&M’s shoe brand, Divided spawned these vintage-inspired ankle boots. They come in black imitation suede and pictured here, imitation leather. I went with the imitation leather because I enjoy giving polyurethane a good “worn in” look. I have had these shoes for a week now and they already look as though I found them at a 1940s second hand store in Louisiana! The first thing a leather-wearing shoe person will point out about pleather shoes is that “they don’t breathe” and they “make your feet sweat” – but my feet are completely dry and still breathing! I, personally, have never had any sweaty feet problems with vegan shoes, even during a scorching Los Angeles summer. I believe these shoes might be on sale to make room for spring sandals, so head out (RUN!) to your nearest H&M and grab a pair before they’re gone! $30, H&M (these are available for purchase in store only in the US and online in the UK )

Do you love Diane Keaton as much as I do? I am a huge fan of her work and her fabulous fashion sense. On several occasions, I’ve envied her ability to wear a white coat and not a) spill coffee down the front of it, as that is something I would likely do and b) have the coat hug her body in a flattering way. If you’ve ever put on a coat that was any color other than black, you may have questioned whether or not you could pull it off because of which areas it accentuates and which areas it does not. Being a busty but petite half-Asian girl, I rarely find a coat that doesn’t make me look like I’m swimming inside of a giant piece of candy corn. H&M came through for me on this shopping trip. Among the black and navy coats, did I find this fitted, pale gray (almost cream colored with a sheen) beauty that darts and hugs in all of the right places! 55% cotton and 45% polyester, I put it on and immediately fell in love! Even the lining is pretty! $29.95, H&M.

Last but certainly not least, you have to have a sturdy device to hold all of this extra cash you’re saving! Alicia Klein’s Taxi Wallet has you and your money covered! If you are like me and do not carry a handbag, this wallet will fit into your back pocket with minimal bulk and still look nice when you flash it at the register. If you’re one of those gals who usually carry a big bulky wallet, with every credit card you’d need for life, try downsizing to the essentials with piece. I ordered one in tan/brown to match my shoes, but they come in a variety of colors for all tastes. Alicia Klein / Taxi Wallet

Alicia Klein


That’s it for this shopping trip! I’d like to point out that while these stores still carry leather and wool products, showing the cash register that vegan products sell very well, will only tell the companies to work on putting out more cruelty-free products! I still very much believe in supporting those companies that only sell cruelty-free items, however, if you’re broke and living in Los Angeles, you have to skimp and buy what’s readily available for the cheapest price.