The 10 Step Guide to Dining Out Vegan…Like a Boss!

So you’re bored with eating at home and you want to take this vegan eating experience/experiment on the road. But, since the hottest new gourmet vegan restaurant in town is too far away and you know your gas tank won’t cough up the effort to get you there (and let’s face it, some of those places can get crazy expensive), you head out to see what restaurants in your more immediate proximity have to offer your plant-based palate.  Here are some tips to ensure that your first experience ordering vegan at any restaurant will be an easy one!

1. Don’t Make a Sports Bar The First Place You Go


vegan sports bar

While sports bars can be fun establishments to hang out with friends and beat your date at pool and/or beer pong, they are the last place you should consider when trying to order veg.  Best-case scenario is you’ll end up ordering a good ol’ fashioned, big bowl of starch (which were likely cooked in the same kind of oil they cook the burgers with). Worst-case scenario… your lettuce-munching butt will be laughed out of the building. A sports bar should only serve as a last resort, and even then, it’s a great idea to try and research their menu online.