Rebundle, a St. Louis startup that creates plant-based hair extensions, has received a surge of support from investors.

The company’s mission is to provide Black women with healthier and safer hair extensions that are made from natural ingredients. The main ingredient in Rebundle’s extensions is banana fiber, which gives them a comfortable and natural feel.

Co-founder and CEO Imani May said, “In 2019, I was looking for a solution to the itchiness as well as the waste associated with hair extension. I got a lab sample on a couple of brands to find what they were made out of and learned they were made out of core materials that didn’t belong on our bodies nor in the environment.”

Recently, several investors joined the group supporting Rebundle, helping the company to raise $1.4M. This will allow Rebundle to continue to grow the company and expand its plant-based hair extension sales.

Mike Asem, a partner at Chicago-based venture firm M25, said, “We couldn’t be more excited to partner with Rebundle as they deliver amazing products that are healthier for people and the environment. Getting to know the amazing team, and seeing how much their audience truly loves them and their products — we see a clear opportunity for this company to build a category-defining brand.”

The extensions are available in a variety of colors and will soon become more openly distributed as a result of the recent funding.

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