The fashion industry is waking up to the horrors of exploiting animals for fashion, and realizing there are alternatives. Chanel will no longer use fur or exotic animal skins, and Coach and dozens of fashion houses banned fur. It is more than possible to make clothing and cosmetics without harming animals, as Rihanna’s business ventures prove. In 2017, Rihanna released her Fenty Beauty line which is completely cruelty-free. She’s continuing this cruelty-free trend with her new silk-free, completely vegan Valentine’s Day lingerie collection!

Source: @savagexfenty/Instagram

This new SavagexFenty Valentine’s Day collection is receiving a lot of attention for being body inclusive, so it’s considerate of women and that we all come in different shapes and sizes, and friendly to animals! Silk is actually very common in lingerie, so it’s great news that a new celebrity lingerie line did not use cruel materials derived from animals.

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