If you think Pigs are just food, think again. Their skin, bones, meat, internal organs, blood, fat, etc. make our world turn.

Christien Meindertsma tracked one pig from the farm to the processor and through all the products he ended up in. Her book is called Pig 05049. See her TED Talk on YouTube.

Christien found that Pig 05049 was used to create a total number of 185 products. For example, the gelatin that came from this pig was used in ice cream, low fat butter, fruit juice, medicine tablets, bullets, paper, corks, photographic film, cream cheese, whipped cream, wine, beer, etc. Some surprising uses of pig parts include calcium from their bone used to fortify yogurt, deep-fried pigs nose used as a dog snack, bone ash used in train brakes, hemoglobin used in cigarette filters and protein from pig hair used to soften dough.

Pigs are known to be highly social animals with sophisticated learning and problem solving abilities. Imagine if the pig in the picture above was replaced by a dog or a cat. Would this bother you more? There is no moral difference between a pig, a chicken, a dog or a cat. Think about it!