How to Wear Spring Fashion Trends and Keep Them Vegan-Friendly

This season is full of bright colors and interesting trends. The tricky part is figuring out what you want to add to your wardrobe that suits your personal style, your lifestyle, your budget and your compassion for animals. The good news is that the spring/summer season offers many fabrics that are animal-friendly (we don’t have to filter through racks of wool, leather or fur), and the selection is growing as more designers are bringing compassion into their creations.

So, here are 3 fashion trends that are fun and can give your spring/summer wardrobe a huge hit of beauty and color…in animal-friendly fabrics:


Color Blocking: This trend works for everyone. It’s simply a matter of choosing colors and a style that flatter you. (A word of caution about color: Be wary of the very hot tangerine trend right now. Orange is a difficult color to pull off so I recommend avoiding it unless you’re sure it’s your best.) You can use separates to create a great color block look, and it gives you more freedom to mix and match colors and styles you love, or you can find it already done in a dress. Most color blocking is pretty intense and often high contrast so it doesn’t work on everyone. And, most color block dresses are a straighter style rather than A-line so generally not as flattering for someone who has fuller hips and thighs. Here’s an example of one with pretty, rich colors (click here for more information):

Prints Are Everywhere: This season is certainly making up for a lack of prints in the past year or so. It’s nice to see that there is so much to choose from including florals, watercolor, tribal, digital, animal prints and even large baroque prints. Just be sure you choose one that has your best colors in it (when in doubt, blues and teals are often pretty safe) and make sure that the contrast level is not too high for your natural coloring (just to give you a tip, black/white is the highest contrast level and the most challenging to wear). Here’s an example of one that looks good on many women (click here for more information):

Colored Pants: Colored jeans and pants are everywhere and in almost every available color. I wouldn’t necessarily recommend filling your closet with this trend, but it can be a fun one to experiment with. One more word of caution: most colored pants and jeans come in either a cropped version or skinny (or both) – neither of which is an easy style to wear well or suits everyone’s personality or body shape. Here’s a gorgeous color (click here for more information). And how about pairing it with a tribal print (click here for more information) or perhaps just a plain white scoop neck t-shirt and a great cotton scarf. There are lots of ways to wear a bolder jean or pant and still keep the look somewhat understated.

Mostly, this season is about lightness, brightness and fun, and it feels even lighter and brighter energetically because so many fabrics are cruelty-free.