Nothing feels better than opening up your home after a long winter to clean and freshen it in the spring! But you don’t have to load your home full of toxic chemicals just to get rid of the winter grime! Here’s how to spring clean and still stay green. Many of the ideas listed below will also save you some of your hard-earned cash too — so you can be a green-cleaning machine while saving some green of your own!

1. Freshen The Air

Don’t reach for the chemical air fresheners or toxic candles to spruce up the air in your home. Now that winter has passed, you can open the windows wide to let in that fresh outdoor air. If you still need a little scent perk-up, try mixing up a bottle of this non-toxic Easy-Breezy DIY Lime Air Freshener, simmer a pot of your favorite herbs in water on the stove, or pick some deliciously scented flowers to display on your table. And when the windows are closed, use these great indoor plants to clean the air naturally.

2. Clean Naturally

Nix the toxic cleaning sprays and scrubs! You can clean your house safely without all the chemicals. Sprinkle baking soda on carpets to freshen them up when you vacuum. Vinegar is an excellent disinfecting cleaner for windows and other surfaces, and you can clean just about anything with castile soap. You can even clean your house with fruits and vegetables!

3. Conserve Energy

Rather than running the dryer, take advantage of nice weather to line dry linens and other laundry naturally. Install a  clothesline and use the sun to brighten whites and give laundry an unmistakably fresh scent. You’ll need to invest a little time to hang your linens, but you’ll save money and energy by drying the old-fashioned way!

4. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Less clutter means less cleaning! Spring is the perfect time to organize and cull closets and drawers. Instead of tossing things you no longer need or want, try to recycle them. Host a swap party with friends to get rid of unwanted items and get some new-to-you things! Or list items on great free swap sites like Yerdle or Swap-it-Shop. Repair broken items whenever possible or find creative ways to repurpose them. Cut up old, worn clothes to make reusable rags, like these lemon dusting cloths, to use in place of paper towels.

5. Deter Pests Naturally

Spring is the perfect time to grow insect repelling plants around the entrances to your home. Not only will these plants keep bugs at bay, but they smell amazing!  If you’ve already got pests inside, you can place cinnamon sticks or cloves where insects have been spotted. Bay leaves placed directly in containers will deter critters from munching on your dry pantry goods like flours and grains.

Now, with these tips in mind, throw open those windows and get your home squeaky clean and green! What are your favorite ways to clean your house the green way?

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