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Empty glass bottles and jars, something many of us create, make for great repurposing projects. Many of these projects can be done without altering the bottles at all, but the ability to make a hole in the glass opens up a whole new dynamic to what’s possible.

Of course, many people have never made a hole in a glass bottle or jar before. Many can’t even begin to explain how such a thing can be done. But what if it isn’t all that difficult? What if it doesn’t require any kind of unusual tool or knowledge? It’d be worth trying, right?

Luckily for those crafty bottle/jar enthusiasts out there, this game-changing operation is about to be less mysterious. Not only are we about to divulge the not-so-secret secret about making a hole in glass, but we are going to introduce some great projects that go along with it.

Drilling a Hole in Glass

Source: Chris Notap/Youtube

It’s possible to drill holes in glass of most types: bottles and jars, yes, but also plate glass, mirrors, sea glass, and tiles. All that is needed is a typical drill, plug-in or battery-operated, and a glass drill bit. These bits are very common—at any hardware store—and have very hard, diamond (or carbide) tips.

When drilling into glass, it’s important to start with low RPMs on the drill. Many people like to cover the area being drilled with paper or cardboard to help with keeping the drill bit from skipping across the glass. Once an indent is created, the paper can then be removed.

When drilling into glass, the bit can sometimes get very hot, which can cause the glass to break. To avoid this probably, having a helper to pour a small stream of water onto the bit and glass will keep it cooler.

Glass chips and dust can be bad for the eyes and skin, so it’s a good idea to wear safety goggles or glasses and gloves.

While there are ways to make a hole in glass without a drill, they have a much less consistent success rate and take much, much longer.

Repurposing Projects for Glass (with Drilled Holes)

Glass bottles and jars come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, and colors, so they are very versatile materials for repurposing projects. They are a great way to play with light and water, and they have a certain “wow factor” that equates to noteworthy home décor. Here are some of the possibilities we’ve created by drilling a hole in glass.

1. Bottle Lamps

Source: Household Hacker/Youtube

There are options of make bottle lamps without drilling a hole; however, they can come off a little amateurish because the wiring is visible on the outside of the bottle. Instead, drill a hole near the base of the bottle and feed the wiring in. Wiring up a socket is really easy, so there’s no fear with that.

2. Mason Jar fixture

Source: DIY Projects/Youtube

Many people cut a hole through the lid of a mason jar to make a hanging light fixture. Another way of doing this is to drill a hole through the bottom of the jar and leave the lid completely off, hanging the Mason jar upside down. This makes changing light bulbs much less complicated.

3. Bottle Privacy Screen/Fence Panel

Source: stacey hare/Youtube

This makes a beautiful feature for the patio or garden, and it work especially well with colorful bottles that reflect the sunlight. Each bottle has a hole drilled into the bottom, and they are stacked vertically on a piece of pipe or rebar. Several vertical stacks are framed together into a panel. It’s beautiful and fun.

4. “Booze-Bottle Birdfeeder”

Source: UpcycledStuff/Youtube

This is a fun way to feed the birds and a craft that sure to get attention from people as well. Two or three holes are a drilled just above the base of a bottle, the base is glued down to a plate, and a hanger is fashioned around the bottle neck. Birdseed is funneled into the top of the bottle, and as the birds eat the seeds off the plate, the holes near the base will put more seed out for them.

Make More Repurposed Glass

Once a creative person gets going with glass cutting drill bits, there are all sorts of other projects that can arise. It’s ideal for turning a big glass jar or ceramic mug into a plant pot (adding in draining holes) for growing herbs. So, maybe it’s time to poke some holes in glass.

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