There’s a new movement that’s making huge waves in the housing market, yet there’s actually nothing big about these houses. The tiny house movement is a revolution that’s quickly gaining momentum all around the world as people are trading their high consumerist lives for something a little more simple. It wasn’t so long ago that people were still living within the confines of a smaller sized living arrangement. Usually, families would share a home that wasn’t much larger than a studio apartment. The homes of the past were based upon practicality rather than a need to show status or wealth, and the purpose of them was for shelter, not for vanity.

In more recent times, within the last couple of centuries or so, housing has graduated into being not only a source of shelter but a reflection of personality and prestige. The new developments have also left many unable to afford to buy a house in this economy which leaves many in a predicament of potentially having to rent for the rest of their lives. Instead of settling for less, enterprising individuals began to question if they could turn less into something more. Thinking back to the times when settlers would pull their homes behind them, people thought, why not try that out again?


People are finding creative solutions.

In the United States, the average price for a home depends on the geographical location. In cities, however, the average price to buy an apartment can be over $2 million in New York City’s Manhattan area, for example. When the average combined income in each household is only around $50,000 per year, it makes you wonder how anyone could afford to buy their own home these days. It’s a similar story in Canada as well. So, people have gotten creative to find solutions that are practical and affordable, that will have them owning their own houses instead of renting or paying a mortgage so high they can barely afford to do anything else. For under $50,000 people are creating beautiful tiny houses that they can live in for a fraction of the price of a conventional home. Tiny houses on wheels provide a very affordable solution for people who would rather own their home, and who don’t mind having less space than the average home.

Tiny houses are practical and affordable.

These tiny houses on wheels are usually around 200-300 square feet in total but can be smaller too if the inhabitant prefers. If the small house is to be relocated frequently, the measurements have to fit within highway guidelines and restrictions which require tiny houses to be 13.4 feet high, 8.4 feet wide, and up to 30 feet long. The homes are built on single, double or triple axle trailers depending on the size and weight of the house itself, and this will act as the foundation of the home. The trailer is typically one of the most expensive parts of the build, but it’s crucial to invest in a high-quality foundation since it sets the stage for the rest of the build.

How you can dream big and build tiny…

There are companies in the U.S. who build trailers specifically for tiny houses on wheels, and there are also companies like Tumbleweed Tiny House Company who not only sell trailers but also tiny house shells which customers can then finish off themselves. Purchasing one of their shortest open trailers would cost around $4,000 and for one of their pre-assembled shells, pricing starts at around $16,000. Going this route, you could definitely keep your build under $50,000 by implementing upcycled materials like flooring or siding left over from a larger home renovation project, or recycled cabinetry and wood. Looking on a local online buy and sell website like Craigslist could have you finding some pretty amazing home building materials for very affordable prices or even perhaps for free through gifting.

Using online tiny house forums and groups is a great way to learn more about the entire building process and to embrace the DIY spirit, as well as watching YouTube videos that document other people’s tiny house building journeys. Designing and building your own tiny house on wheels saves you a lot of money in the long run, plus you get hands-on experience in building your home which is so rewarding all in itself.


Check out a couple of tiny house forums to get the inspiration flowing: Living Big In A Tiny House Forum and Tiny House Community are great places to start.

Image source: tpsdave/Pixabay