There are many supermarket personal care products out there that claim to not use animal ingredients but aren’t really vegan because they test their products on animals. These products are laden with toxic chemicals, hence the company’s “compulsion” to test their products on animals. Similarly, many companies tout their products as “Cruelty-free” but use animal derived ingredients in them.

Try to imagine applying animal organ extracts on your skin or hair or knowing that a rabbit or other animal had to suffer just to make some toxic ingredients in the product safer for you? Will that make you feel clean? No. It’ll make you feel gross. Not to mention guilty. Or angry.


Vegan personal care products on the other hand are usually gentle on your hair, face, and body,  and most importantly, gentle on the animals. They’re healthier for your body and the planet. You’d be excited with the wide variety of cruelty-free AND vegan products to choose from. Enjoy the beauty and health perks that only a vegan gal like you can avail of!

Product Brand
Shampoo Soignee Botanical Shampoo with MSM, Aubrey Calagula Fern Shampoo, Aubrey Camomile Luxurious Volumizing Shampoo, Aubrey Primrose and Lavender Scalp Soothing Shampoo, All Desert Essence Shampoos, All Beauty Without Cruelty ShampoosAll Earth Science Citress Shampoos (except some with beeswax), Stonybrook Shampoo, Avalon Organics Shampoos, Alba Botanica Hawaiian Haircare Shampoos, Nutribiotic Shampoos, Lamas Shampoos, Giovanni ShampoosEco Bella Vanilla Shampoo
Conditioner Soignee Botanical Conditioner with MSMAubrey Camomile Luxurious Volumizing Conditioner, Aubrey Rosa Mosqueta Nourishing Conditioner, Dessert Essence Conditioners, All Beauty Without Cruelty Conditioners, Earth Science Citress Conditioner, Stonybrook Conditioner, Avalon Organics Conditioners, Alba Botanica Hawaiian Haircare Conditioners, Nutribiotic Conditioners, Lamas Conditioners, Giovanni Conditioners,
Bath soap Aubrey Evening Primrose Soothing Bath Bar, Aubrey Honeysuckle Replenishing Bath Bar, Aubrey Meal and Herbs Exfoliating Bath Bar, Aubrey Rosa Mosqueta Luxurious Bath Bar, Clearly Natural Soap, Kiss My Face Soap, Out of Africa African Black Soap, True Body Unscented Bar Soaps, Veganu Natural Bar Soap, Estrella Bar Soap
Shower gel Annmarie Rosemary Peppermint Body Wash, Aubrey Rosa Mosqueta Luxurious Body WashAubrey Rosa Mosqueta Moisturizing Body Wash and Shower Gel, Shikkai Moisturizing Shower Gel, Dessert Essence Organic Body Washes, Azida Hemp Oil Shower Gel, Kiss MY Face Aromatherapy Bath and Shower Gels
Body scrub Living Libations Peppermint Exfoliating Scrub, Loofah Scrub Aloe and Kiwi
Facial cleanser Soignee Botanical Facial Wash with MSM, Aubrey Natural Herbal Facial Cleanser, Aubrey Sea Buckthorn and Cucumber with ESTER C Facial Cleansing Cream, Aubrey Vegecol with Aloe Facial Cleansing Lotion, Jason Satin Soap, BWC Herbal Facial Cleanser, BWC AHA Facial Cleanser, BWC Facial Cleansing Milk, Herbology Beauty Cleanser, Avalon Organics Facial Gel, Avalon Essential Lift Smoothing Cleanser, The All Natural Face Face Food Fruit Facial Washes, Earth Science Clarifying Facial Wash, Nature’s Gate In The Beginning Gentle Cleansing Lotion, Lamas Citrus-C Facial Cleanser, Eco Bella Natural Cleanser
Facial Scrub Annmarie Facial Scrub (Ayurvedic or Aloe-Herb), Living Libations Ginger Exfoliating Scrub, Avalon Organics Enzyme Scrub, Apricot Face Scrub, Earth Science Apricot Gentle Facial Scrub
Toner/astringent/mist Annmarie Facial Toning Mist (Neroli or Rosemary), Living Libations Illuminating Rose Water Complexion Tonic, Aubrey Natural Herbal Facial Astringent, Aubrey Rosa Mosqueta and English Lavender Facial TonerAubrey Sea Buckthorn and Cucumber with ESTER C Facial Toner, Aubrey Vegecol with Aloe Alcohol-free Facial Toner, BWC Balancing Facial Toner, Avalon Essential Lift Fortifying Toner, The All Natural Face Elderflower and Rose Toner, Earth Science Aloe Vera Complexion Toner and Freshener, Earth Science Herbal Clarifying Astringent, Eco Bella Natural Mist On Toner
Facial moisturizer Annmarie Anti-aging Facial Serum, Annmarie Anti-aging Facial Oil, Annmarie Herbal Facial Oil for Normal and Combination Skin, Soignee Anti-wrinkle CremeAubrey Natural Herbal Maintenance Oil Balancing Moisturizer, Aubrey Evening Primrose Oil, Aubrey Lipoic Rosa Mosqueta Night Creme with Alpha Lipoic Acid, Aubrey Rosa Mosqueta Rose Hip Oil, Aubrey Sea Buckthorn and Cucumber with ESTER C Moisturizing Cream, Aubrey Sea Buckthorn with ESTER C Antioxidant Rejuvenating Serum, Aubrey Vegecell Night Time Hydrator with Green Tea, Aubrey Vegecol with Aloe Moisturizing CreamAll Beauty Without Cruelty, Avalon Essential Lift Night Creme, Avalon Essential Lift Lifting Serum, NOW Natural Vitamin E LiquidDessert Essence Organics Age Reversal Pomegranate Face Serum, Earth Science Beta-Ginseng Cellegen Renewal Serum, Nature’s Gate Organics Have a Vine Day Chardonay Hydrator, Lamas Botanicals DMAE, C-Ester & ALA Anti-aging Complex, HyaGlo Vegan Hyaluronin Skin Serum, Nature’s Gate Organics Oh What A Night Walnut Therapy, Lamas Botanicals Soy Nourishing Night Time Hydrator, Earth Science Almond Aloe Facial Moisturizer, Earth Science Hydrating Night Creme, Eco Bella Natural Age Antidote Skin Cream, Eco Bella Natural Night Cream Rebuilder
Eye cream/gel Living Libations All Seing Eye Cream, Living Libations Open Sky Eye Serum, Aubrey Lumescence Rejuvenating Eye Creme with Liposomes, BWC Nourishing Eye Gel, Avalon Essential Lift Contouring Eye Cream, Azida Eye and Face Cream, Desert Essence Organics Age Reversal Pomegranate Eye Serum, Lamas Botanicals Firming & Brightening Eye Recovery Complex, Eco Bella Natural Eye Nutrients Cream
Acne care Annmarie Herbal Facial Oil for Oily or Acne Prone Skin, Nature’s Gate Acne Treatment System, Nature’s Gate Acne Spot Corrector, ACNEdote Deep Pore Wash, ACNEdote Deep Clean Astringent, ACNEdote Oil Control Lotion, ACNEdote Face and Body Scrub, ACNEdote Invisible Treatment Gel, The All  Natural Face Oily Skin Toner Especially for Acne and Blemishes.
Mask Annmarie Purifying Mud Mask, Earth Living Green Clay (external use), Your Right to Be Beautiful Green Clay Masque, Living Libations Green Papaya & Lime AHA Mask, Aubrey Jojoba Meal and Oatmeal Mask and Scrub, Aubrey Natural AHA Fruit Acids with Apricot Exfoliating Facial Mask, Aubrey Natural Herbal Sea Clay Balancing MaskAubrey Sea Buckthorn and Cucumber with ESTER C Facial Mask, Queen Helene’s Mint Julep Mask, BWC Hydrating Aloe Mask, Eco Bella Natural Dark Chocolate Face Mask
Makeup remover Aubrey Herbessence Makeup Remover, BWC Eye Makeup Remover, Eco Bella Natural Cleansing Milk Makeup Remover
Razor Persona Tri-flexx Razors, Persona Comfort Touch Disposable Razors, Persona Mystique Razor
Shaving cream Living Libations Zen Shave, Aubrey Creme de la Shave, Alba Botanica Shave Gel, Kiss My Face moisture Shave
Deodorant Living Libations Lavender Poetic Pits, Aubrey E Plus High C Deodorant, Nature’s Gate Deodorant, Florere Deodorant Cream, Florere Deodorant Stick, Kiss My Face Liquid Rock Deodorant, Earth Science Liken Deodorant, Weleda Natural Deodorant Spray, Nutribiotic Deodorant Stick
Hair remover Marzena Face and Bikini Wax Kit, Marzena Leg and Body Wax Kit
Body lotion/moisturizer Annmarie Coconut Body Oil, Olive Gold 03 Oxygenated Olive Oil, Medicine Flower Body Butter, Soignee Hand and Body MSM Botanical Lotion, Living Libations Best Skin Ever (Chocolate, Sea Buckthorn, Vanilla, Lavish Abundance), Living Libations Radiant Love Butter, Living Libations Radiant Love Lotion, Aubrey Evening Primrose Soothing Lotion, Honeysuckle + CoQ10 Replenishing LotionAubrey Rosa Mosqueta Luxurious Moisturizing Lotion, Dessert Essence Extracts Lotions, Shikkai Moisturizing Lotion, Jason Hand and Body Lotion, Avalon Organics Lotion, BWC AHA Renewal Moisture Lotion, NOW Shea Butter, Booda Butter Tin, Birch Cellulite Oil, Nature’s Gate Glow Lotion, BWC Vitamin C with CoQ10 Hand and Body Lotion, Desert Essence Organics Hand and Body Lotion, Giovanni Organic Hydrate Body Lotion, Nature’s Gate Organics Body Lotion, Azida Hemp Oil Lotion, Eco Bella herbal Body Lotion (Vanilla, Grapefruit, Lavender, Lemon Verbena)
Hand cream/moisturizer Living Libations Hooray Hand Cream, Shikkai Dry Skin Therapy-Hand, Dessert Essence Organics Pumpkin Hand Repair Cream
Feminine wash The DivaWash
Foot care Shikkai Dry Skin Therapy-Foot, Dessert Essence Organics Pistachio Foot Repair Cream
Sunscreen Living Libations Everybody Loves the Sunshine with Zinc, BWC SPF 15 Facial Lotion, Avalon Organics Lotion SPF 18, Avalon Essential Lift Firming Moisturizer SPF 15, BWC Vitamin C CoQ10 SPF 12, Azida Sunscreen with Hemp Oil, Goddess Garden Organic Natural Sunscreen SPF 30, Goddess Garden Organic Facial Sunscreen SPF 30, Alba Botanica Natural Very Emollient Pure Lavender SPF 35 Sunscreen, Alba Botanica Mineral Sunblock SPF 30
Lip balm Hurraw Lip Balm (Cherry, Chocolate, Coffee Bean, Grapefruit, Orange, Cinnamon, Vanilla Bean), Aubrey Natural Lips Sheer Tint, Crazy Rumors Lip Balms, Azida Lip Balm, S & V Lip Balm, Booda Butter Lip Balm, Estrella Lip Balm, Merry Hempsters Lip Balm
Perfume/cologne Living Libations Cologne (Fawn Lily, Mocassin Flower, Eco Bella Eau de Parfum (Ambrosia, Bourbon Vanilla, Lavender, Lemon Verbena), Eco Bella Eco Mist (Citrus, Lavender, Summer Fruit).
Tooth paste/oral care Your Right to Be Beautiful Bentonite Oral Balm, Vitality Products Tooth Swish, Vitality Products Tooth Brightener Tooth Soap, Vitality Products Liquid Tooth Soap, Vitality Products Shreds Tooth Soap, Living Libations Healthy Gum Drops, Living Libations Neem Enamelizer, Living Libations Yogi Tooth Serum, Dr. Tungs Smart Floss, Truth Tooth Powder Polish, Jason Power Smile Toothpaste, Jason Power Smile Tooth Gel, Jason Nutrismile Toothpaste, Jason Nutrismile Tooth Gel, Jason Nutrismile Mouthwash, Jason Enzyme Bright Toothpaste, Eco Dent Vegan Dental Floss, Preserve Recycled Toothbrush, Estrella Whitening Toothpaste, Kiss My Face Whitening Toothpaste, Kiss My Face Triple Action Toothpaste, Weleda Natural Toothpaste, Recyclene Preserve Tongue Cleaner
Hair Styling Products Aubrey Natural Missst Herbal Hair Spray (Regular, Super Hold), Aubrey NuStyle Organic Detangler and Shine Booster, Aubrey NuStyle Organic Smoothening Hair serum, Aubrey NuStyle Organic Hair Spray (Regular, Soft Hold), Aubrey Sea Buckthorn Leave-in Conditioner and Curl Activator, BWC Natural Hold Hairspray, BWC Volume Plus Spray Gel, Giovanni Natural Hair Mousse, Giovanni  LA Hold Non-aerosol Hair Spray, Giovanni Morebody Hair Thickener, Giovanni Organic Root 66 Directional Root Lifting Spray,  Giovanni Organic Straight Fast! Straightening Elixir,  Giovanni Organic Styling Glue