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Starting a home yoga practice is a fantastic way to build strength, improve balance, and de-stress after a long day of work. I myself used to be a yoga studio “addict,” thinking I HAD to attend class in order to feel centered. I especially thought practicing at home had too many distractions for me to truly get my flow on. But all it takes is carving out a little space for your yoga mat, letting your phone charge in another room, and shutting out all other excuses to find peace and serenity in the comfort of your home. Check out these five eco-friendly and life-saving yoga products that are essential for any home practice:

1. Recycled Rubber Yoga Mat

I know you can certainly find a cheap yoga mat at a variety of retail stores. But taking the time and money to spend a little more on a recycled rubber and eco-friendly mat truly makes a difference. Recycled rubber mats help conserve our planet’s already dwindling resources. They also yield a better home practice. You might feel inclined to purchase a lush, thick mat to Support your knees and keep you comfortable. But definitely consider a thinner map that might help you achieve better composure for certain balance postures like tree pose or warrior three. Regardless, you’ll have plenty of options when choosing the perfect eco-friendly yoga mat.

2. Bamboo Yoga Block

Whether you’re a newbie or putting the finishing touches on your bird of paradise, a block is a great tool for all yogis, regardless of how long you’ve been practicing. It’s especially important when you’re first starting yoga and might not have enough flexibility or strength to master various postures like half-moon or forward fall. Instead of a foam block that wastes resources and uses disgusting plastic (YUCK!), try a bamboo yoga block that’s made from a natural material. Sure, these might cost a dollar or two more. But this is a much better alternative to a plastic foam block that can take years to break down and still leave residual damage to the planet. When you purchase a bamboo yoga block, feel better knowing that you’re not just helping yourself, but you’re also helping the planet!

3. Hemp Yoga Strap

Compared to other grasses, hemp is one of the strongest plants out there. Its tough and durable fibers make it an excellent material for bags, clothes, and the beloved yoga straps we yogis have so much fun with! Choose a yoga strap made out of hemp instead of another synthetic fabric. They’re definitely an essential tool for a home practice, and can help avoid injury when you’re practicing on your own without an instructor’s supervision.

4. Organic Cotton/Environmentally Friendly Blanket

A yoga blanket is probably one of the most overlooked, but comforting props for a home yoga practice. Sitting on the edge of a blanket can make your daily meditations much easier on your sit bone, hips, and even knees and ankles by tilting your pelvis slightly forward. A yoga blanket can also help Support the knees in a cat/cow sequence or help the spine relax in many restorative yoga postures. Choose a blanket made from organic materials and without dyes, synthetics, and other chemicals that might irritate your skin. Organic cotton is an especially great option.

5. Organic Aromatherapy Candles

If you’re struggling to find a calm space for a home practice, candles could be the answer for you! A soothing and relaxing candle might be all you need to re-center yourself and get your flow on. Try to avoid candles that are loaded with harsh chemicals and synthetic materials. These candles can actually make allergies or common colds feel worse! An organic candle is an affordable and all-natural alternative that will provide all the comfort without any of the weird chemicals. Pick a soothing scent like lavender, cucumber, or vanilla, which can all facilitate tranquility and peace for your practice.

Don’t feel alone in the quest to create a peaceful space for your home practice! With a successful home practice, you won’t need to be a slave to your yoga studio membership. Sure, going to yoga class is great for you and something I totally encourage! But when you miss a class or for some reason can’t manage to leave home, you’ll love how you’ve devoted a space in your house for your practice. What are some of your home yoga practice essentials? Have you made the switch to green or eco-friendly products?

Image source: Наталья Видович/Wikimedia Commons