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Morning breath a problem? Stinky pits a problem?  Want to smell more like a man? Well, read on. The following article will present you with not one, not two, but three DIY products to get you in and out of the bathroom faster and with a certain who’s-that-guy appeal.

Not only that, but how about that you’ll be impressing others with the fact that you are, indeed, so astute, so green, as to make your own bathroom products. How conscientious, they’ll say. What know-how! And, his stuff really does work!

You’ll also save money and keep yourself from a long list of scary chemicals found in much of the conventional store-bought stuff. So, let’s get to it.

1. DIY Mouthwash

There are lots of varieties and recipes out there to do the job. Some focus on bacteria, others on gum disease or tooth enamel. Blah de blah. The truth of the matter is that we want fresh breath, and, sometimes, to be completely honest, we don’t want to bother brushing our teeth. In comes mouthwash — quite literally.

Now, you could go out and buy any number of big brand products created after numerous trial runs on animals and/or composed of horrifying chemicals. Or, you could make your own simple, effective, green, and thoroughly impressive formula that freshens both your breath and reputation.

For me, fresh breath means minty smells. So, I like a simple recipe: water, baking soda, and a couple of drops of peppermint oil. This gets the job done and takes all of three seconds to make. If you are making DIY bathroom products anyway, you’ll already have all of the ingredients.

2. DIY Body Spray

It happens to us all, at least I think it does: we wake up and catch a whiff of funk that has been left unattended overnight. It’s disheartening. You can remember taking a shower — recently. Surely, you could not have worked up that much of a sweat while sleeping. Taking another shower would just waste water. What to do? Cover up!

Just as before, there are plenty of options out there, most of them with some pretty snazzy commercials to pull you in. But, in the end, it’s all about smelling good without the crappy chemicals and, especially, without crappy chemicals having been rubbed in any animals’ eyes to make sure they don’t cause us rashes or whatnot. Do it all-natural and cruelty-free, endearing yourself to animal lovers far and wide!

And, again, keep it simple. Body spray doesn’t require loads of chemicals. Get yourself a spray bottle, then you only need a mixture of water, witch hazel, and whatever essential oil you want to smell like: patchouli, cedar, lemon, eucalyptus, lavender, cacao, coconut, etc.

3. DIY Aftershave

Before you get too antsy, dabbing on a little aftershave does not necessarily mean you have to shave. After all, appearing too clean cut is the antithesis of what we are DIY-ing about today. Manly men, like my father-in-law, know that aftershave is something woody or leathery that leaves little doubt as to who you are dealing with: someone with aftershave!

Secretly, if you want to, you can have a shave first. Sometimes that’s nice. But, the point is to come out of the bathroom with the confidence of a 1950s Madman. The way to do this is to smell good, like tree bark with a slight hint of booze. You could buy Brut or English Leather, but those make you seem dated, like maybe you are actually from my father-in-law’s generation. But, do it yourself…

Making your aftershave is simple. Personally, I want to smell like a spicy forest, and that is as easy as some vodka (seriously…vodka), some allspice, and a little orange zest. Boom! You are making an entrance before people can even see you.

And, that’s that. Wake up a little funky? No problem. Get in the bathroom quickly. A swish, a few squirts and a splash and you are out again. Nobody is the wiser. In fact, by being a DIY warrior, anyone who finds out your scent-ually secrets will be singing songs of admiration anyway.

Image source: Razor Bumps Info/Creative Commons