Eventually, we all feel it: pressure. Maybe you’re a cool customer when it comes to exams or negotiating traffic or going to the dentist, but there is still always something out there for every one of us that spikes the panic meter. It’s human to feel anxious.

Luckily, there is a multitude of ways — natural and normal techniques — to combat the scream of that internal teapot whistling. So, stop chewing on that pen top, lay off the fingernails, and put away the rabbit foot. Everything will be okay, and you can combat the anxieties you may be having with completely natural methods. Here are some truly all-natural ideas to help calm down when you’re feeling pressure and anxiety about it:


1. Breathe

That’s right. Just breathe. I don’t mean the count-down-backwards-from-ten kind of breathing, though that might help too. Rather, go out and get some calming aromatic herbs, like lavender, and take a few sniffs every now and again. Sure, it might seem a bit much, but is it any different than compulsive biting your lip or fidgeting?

Even better, make yourself some lavender body wash and/or bath salts and become your own calming effect.

2. Drink Tea

Surprise, surprise — like with everything that ails us, there are natural herbal teas that can help. Most of us these days have at least a rogue bag of green tea around, if not a whole mess of them that we’ve been meaning to drink. Well, pressurized situations are just the time to break them out. Green tea has an amino acid, theanine, which works some special mojo on the brain.

Besides, it’s not like green tea is going to do you any harm. Its benefits are so plentiful that you should be drinking it more often anyway!


3. Eat Fennel

I love fennel, especially in soup form, but rarely do I get around to using it. However, now there is a good reason to just go for it: Fennel helps with the butterflies-in-the-stomach syndrome that often goes along with nervousness and pressure. What’s more, soup is pretty calming in and of itself. So, two-for-one here!

If you’re not experienced in the ways of fennel, fear not. Here are some recipes to get you started.


4. Pop (Herbal) Pills

Not your classic advice of ancient days, but in the here and now, it’s possible to find non-prescription, plant-based, natural (vegan-friendly) pills for herbs that provide the calm you crave. There are lots to look out for: St. John’s Wort, ashwagandha, passion flower, valerian, kava, and the list could keep going. Of course, take them as directed.

5. Do Something (or Do Nothing)

Walk, run, jump, swim, dance — do something to get your body moving, which will naturally release tension from your body. Or, do nothing at all maybe. Find one of many calming exercises to ease your tension. Some folks respond to taking a break, just stepping away for a moment to gather their thoughts. Others want to meditate or work through stress with breathing exercises. None of these options are wrong. The trick is to recognize what works for you and do it.


The key is actually taking the time to use this information rather than trucking full-on into tough spots. Remember, as with most herbal and natural approaches, preventive measures are much more effective than reactive. So, if you know you’re heading into a high-anxiety situation, consider any of these techniques beforehand also.

No matter what natural method you use, know that you can bring yourself to a calmer state using natural methods. What are your favorite natural ways to keep calm on those high-pressure days?

Image Source: Maxwell GS/Wikimedia Commons