5 Green Things We Can Do Everyday

Sometimes we need a nudge in the right direction; sometimes we need a kick in the behind. Sometimes it’s a little kind word that enlightens us to an extreme and sometimes it’s something devastating that brings us to our knees. Whatever it is that got us there, or here, we know we want different from now on. We want to make things better, brighter, happier, not just for us, but also for everyone around us. We just want to be happy, how hard is that? But where do we begin? What’s the fool proof plan to be happier, healthier, and smarter about it?

Well I wish I had the answer, the right answer to suit us all, but I believe in differences, and opposites, and challenges that teach us a lesson and change our point of view. In those differences lie different reasons and thus different solutions. So I may not have a foolproof plan for you, but I think I have 5 tips towards a fool proof plan for us. 5 Green things creating positive energy that we can do everyday for us and for the Universe.


1. Sweat

It helps detoxify your body and prevent illnesses, it lowers your body temperature and it clears your skin to name a few. So whether it be via a sauna, gym, a good old fashioned run or inevitably sprinting to catch the last train, sweating everyday is something that will do you good in an ever so natural way and thus will do the environment good by coincidentally reducing the need for supplements, medications and other drugs. It may be a far-fetched idea, but isn’t it the little things that matter? Also don’t forget to drink your daily intake of water to rehydrate yourself.

2. Choose to eat Green

Not just because it is Green, but because it is super healthy to choose Green.  You just can’t go wrong here.  Green foods are full of minerals and are essential to your everyday diet. Anytime you have a Green option on the table, choose that option! Attempt to consume as much Green as possible with every meal, everyday.

3. Pay It Forward

Whether or not you believe in Karma, whether or not you wake up in a bad mood with too many things on your mind, whether or not you have the time to even consider this idea for each day, this idea is to wake up every morning with one thing always on the agenda; to pay it forward. You can’t deny that with all the obstacles and challenges we are faced with each day, still making an effort to pass on some good dead is a great idea. Do things for others without expecting anything in return, at least just once per day.  You never know who could be witnessing and thus whom you could further inspire to do the same. The snowball effect here could be enormous just because you put it on your agenda. Just because of you!

4. Decrease alcohol and/or caffeine consumption

This can be a long-term change that becomes a conscious effort for each day.  I have always been uncomfortable with the idea of any substance of any kind being the one thing that is needed to start my day, or give me an energy boast, or make me feel better period. Unless it is from a natural plant-based source, I’m skeptical about the long-term benefits and or side effects of dependency upon consuming a man-altered or made substance. Feeling better about your self, having more energy and being able to hit the floor running on any given morning has more to do with health and well-being than anything else. So a balanced diet with less alcohol and caffeine and more green and natural foods would be way more beneficial in the long run. Also being more active will certainly help with energy and in reducing those urges and cravings.


5. Turn it off. Your Phone.

Take back control and don’t let that little device convince you that you need it more than it needs you. I am guilty for always looking down at my little screen of life on my “smart” phone too, but I find it liberating to take back control.  Just like I am uncomfortable allowing a substance control me, I refuse to allow any gadget of any kind have any level of power over my each day. For most that gadget is the cell phone. So whether it is while at the gym, yoga, train ride, commute home or at the very least during dinner, turn it off.  Give yourself the gift of an hour to remind the universe you are in control. If it’s that urgent, they’ll call back, or find some other way to hunt you down and contact you. So lets commit to 1 hour a day to just turn it off. Lets get at least that hour of our sanity and simplicity in our lives back. P.S. Turning if off while sleeping does not count, but nice try.

I believe that on their own, each idea may seem small and insignificant, but altogether, though not very challenging they can reap great personal rewards towards a happier smile all day long. Good luck!

Image Source: fleack yeah/Flickr