reasons to be vegan

We know what you’re thinking. You could only come up with three reasons? Of course there are hundreds of noble reasons to go and stay vegan. It is the best thing you can do for our non-human friends, for the environment and the health benefits are life-changing. While this should be enough to keep us going about our daily adventures very happily, we can’t ignore the fact there are several side benefits to veganism that make it even easier to stay on course. No, we’re not talking about the potential for weight loss, or great skin and hair or breath as fresh as mint leaves or boundless energy or super powers. All those are perfectly good reasons too, but what we had in mind is the paradigm shifting-clarity that comes with veganism. Those little moments where you can’t help but smile and say to yourself “I’m so glad I’m vegan!”. Here are just three examples:

1.    No more inventing lame justifications for consuming animal products


Most people are basically nice and won’t ever claim (at least not publicly) that they like killing and they like the fact that animals have to unnecessarily suffer and die so they can enjoy a sandwich or a cookie. When people become aware of this reality, it leads them to look for alternatives like “cage-free” eggs, “organic” milk, and “humane meat” or take steps like choosing to avoid red meat but eat white meat or avoid all meat, but eat fish or avoid all flesh but consume milk and eggs. Just hearing environmentally and ethically conscious people making these absurd excuses is equal parts comical and tragic. It basically means they acknowledge there’s a problem, but they don’t want to acknowledge the real solution (veganism!).

2.    Liberation from food advertising and mindless consumerism in general

You can’t spend 15 minutes watching TV, without being bombarded by some annoying new commercial for food that is almost always non-vegan. These ads are designed to lure you into trying what is most likely going to be some awful processed crap in a colorful package. You obviously don’t need it, but they’re going to make you want it anyway. Being vegan just adds an automatic filter, where you don’t have to waste your cognitive abilities trying to come up with a reason why you need to consume the exciting new food product that’s being advertised. Until they start manufacturing and advertising seitan Big Macs, you’re free from their evil grasp!

3.    An unobstructed view of all discrimination in society


Vegans often get criticized for caring too much about animals, when there are bigger problems that need to be solved in the world. Unfortunately, that’s just based on the limited understanding of the reasons for going vegan and the scope of what veganism encompasses. Veganism isn’t just about loving cows and pigs as much as most people love their cats and dogs. It is about recognizing that all living beings on this planet deserve to be treated with respect and equality. It also leads to the realization that the intertwining roots of all forms of discrimination, from sexism and racism to homophobia and speciesism run deep in society. Once you recognize that they are all the same and they must all end, there is really no turning back! It’s a real eye-opening experience.

Stay Happy, Stay Awesome, Stay Vegan!

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reasons to go vegan