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 It’s that time of year again!

Temperatures are dropping, leaves are changing, and you may be feeling the urge to curl up on the couch with a hot cup of something warm and a nice cozy blanket.

Maybe this year, take your coziness-game up a level!

Weighted blankets — “therapeutic blankets that eight between [five] to [thirty] pounds” — actually have a bit of science to back the claims that they can relieve stress and anxiety. How do they work? That extra poundage provides a pleasant amount of pressure which “mimics a therapeutic technique called deep pressure stimulation.” Traditional deep pressure stimulation requires “hands-on pressure to relax the nervous system,” yet a nice weight blanket has been shown to provide some of the same effects! Along with reducing symptoms of stress and anxiety, weight blankets have also been shown to possibly provide relief for those with autism, ADHD, insomnia and other sleep disorders, osteoarthritis, and chronic pain.

When you’re shopping for a weighted blanket, make sure you choose one that’s right for you! This means selecting the weight of your blanket based upon your personal average weight — in general around 10 percent of your body weight.

Here are some recommendations to help guide your shopping endeavors:

  • 130 pounds = 13lb blanket
  • 140 pounds = 14lb blanket
  • 150 pounds = 15lb blanket
  • 160 pounds = 16lb blanket
  • 170 pounds = 17lb blanket
  • 180 pounds = 18lb blanket
  • 190 pounds = 19lb blanket
  • 200 pounds = 20lb blanket

Looking to find your perfect weighted blanket for this winter season? Maybe you’d like to give one as a gift? I’ve done some of the heavy lifting on your behalf with these high-rated, weight blankets from five pounds through 25 pounds!

1. Luna Kids 5lb Weighted Blanketluna kids weighted blanket

Luna Kids 5lb Weighted Blanket/

We’re starting out lightweight with this one! A five-pound weighted blanket is a perfect option for your anxious kiddo! This Luna Kids 5lb Weighted Blanket is made with seven layers of super-soft, breathable, and temperature-controlled 100 percent cotton that helps to evenly distribute the weight of the blanket over your body. Along with being 100 percent cotton, this blanket is also earth-friendly, hypoallergenic, Oeko-Tex Certified (free of harmful substances and chemicals), and uses non-toxic glass beads. This blanket costs $39.99.

sunshine says “After reading other reviews on weighted blankets, I decided to go with Luna. (I have bought two now, one as a gift) I love that the material is organic cotton, and the beads are not made of plastic. Thr material is cotton so it is light but strong. I have used this blanket for 3 or so months now. Having battled insomnia, restless legs, joint pain, and muscle pain, I had read that a weighted blanket could help. Honestly, I hardly have sleepless nights now. The blanket isn’t too heavy but just heavy enough. I did get the 15lb , technically too heavy for my weight according to studies, but I love my blanket!! Before I had this blanket there were many nights I was awake until 3 am due to insomnia and pain. Now, usually within a half hour of winding down, I am alseep! It calms my restless legs , and really lessens muscle and joint pain! Blanket is sturdy, holding up well. Totally worth the money.”

2.YnM Kids Bamboo 7lb Weighted BlanketYnM Kids Bamboo 7lb Weighted Blanket

YnM Kids Bamboo 7lb Weighted Blanket/

This seven-pound weighted blanket is a great not too heavy, yet still heavy enough weighted blanket! Even though it’s marketed for kids, this light-weight weighted blanket can also be used for smaller adults looking for just a bit of weighted comfort. This YnM Kids Bamboo 7lb Weighted Blanket seeks to naturally help calm your body and provide restful sleep. YnM created this blanket with a unique seven-layer design to keep both cozy and cool. Plus, it comes with an all-natural bamboo duvet cover to keep it clean and extend its life! This blanket costs $53.90.

Dana P. says “I love this blanket. I ordered a smaller 15 lb. one first (recommended for my size), and it’s great for lounging on the couch, but didn’t keep me covered in my bed as I tend to move around. So I decided to invest in this larger one. It’s the same 15 lb, just longer length and width. I’ve been using it without a duvet cover, but since it’s dry clean only, I’m thinking I’ll need to get a cover soon. I gave it 5 stars for “light weight”, not because it’s “light” (it’s a WEIGHTED blanket), but because it’s the perfect weight for me.”

3. Sivio 12lb Weighted BlanketSivio 12lb Weighted Blanket

Sivio 12lb Weighted Blanket/

This Sivio 12lb Weighted Blanket is the perfect “beginner” adult blanket that gives you that warm hug feeling! Made from 100 percent cotton, breathable premium materials — Oeko Tex Certified meaning zero harmful chemicals — this blanket is also hypoallergenic and uses non-toxic, odorless glass beads. The beads are evenly distributed to make sure that the weight is also evenly distributed over your body. On top of that, this blanket is 100 percent machine washable, as long as you follow the washing care guidelines! This blanket costs $52.99.

CherylDiana says “I have experienced anxiety for over 20 years and been on every type of anti-anxiety medication there is. And never was told about gravity/weighted blankets until recently (and that was from a good friend from work) no doctors mentioned it. In any case, I fall asleep in minutes at night now and its restful sleep which really helps me through the following day. I have not needed to take as much medicine and I felt a difference in my energy levels after the first night of use. I also use it for my kids when they have issues that upsets them. Recently, my son was stung by a wasp while playing in the yard and I put him under this blanket after first-aid. Within minutes he felt a lot better and was ready to go out and play again. Nice find!” 

4. CJXM Twin Size 13lb Weighted Blanket & CoverCJXM Twin Size 13lb Weighted Blanket & Cover

CJXM Twin Size 13lb Weighted Blanket & Cover/

This CJXM Twin Size 13lb Weighted Blanket & Cover is a great option for the standard adult! This blanket is made from 100 percent cotton with a 400 high-quality thread count and a leak-proof inner-pocket filled with micro glass beads complete with two extra polyester layers. This blanket aims to soothe, reduce tossing and turning, ease the mind, and relax the body. Plus, this blanket includes a duvet cover, which keeps the weighted blanket clean and can extend the life span. This blanket, plus cover, costs $39.99.

D. G. says “I needed a weighted blanket that did not make me too hot- gee if I wanted a fuzzy blanket to keep me warm I’d just sleep with 3 quilts and not need a weighted blanket. It has helped me sleep so much better now that hotter weather is here and I cannot have all my blankets wrapped around me like in the glorious cold nights of winter. This blanket is great, with the cover on it, it does not make me too hot at night but gives me that feeling of having lots of blankets on. I really like it a lot. Exactly what I was looking for when I began this quest.”

5. YOLIPULI 15lb Weighted BlanketYOLIPULI 15lb Weighted Blanket

YOLIPULI 15lb Weighted Blanket/

Making our way up the weight ladder, this YOLIPULI 15lb Weighted Blanket offers a bit extra pressure for extra coziness! This blanket is made with traditional 100 percent, breathable, natural cotton to encourage deep and restful sleep. The weighted innards are designed from temperature-controlled, non-toxic, hypoallergenic, and odorless glass beads. Along with that cotton exterior, this blanket is sewed with higher-density padding that helps avoid leaks and distributes the weight evenly. This blanket costs $43.54.

Reba says “Product very well made for price point. My husband has a hard time sleeping without weight on his legs. This has improved his sleeping and he doesn’t have to stack extra blanket to get that now. This product is working well for him. I do recommend a cover when you make your purchase.”

6. Bare Home 17lb Weighted Blanket for Adults and KidsBare Home 17lb Weighted Blanket for Adults and Kids

Bare Home 17lb Weighted Blanket for Adults and Kids/

This Bare Home 17lb Weighted Blanket for Adults and Kids is marketed for everyone! With that said, due to its 17-pound weight make sure to take care when using for your kiddos as blankets should reflect 10 percent of the user’s weight. This blanket is made from 100 percent natural cotton with weight provided by nontoxic glass beads. This blanket costs $49.99.

lindsay alchorn says “his is the second weighted blanket I have purchased; the first was a different brand and design which featured a stiff inner shell with a loose cover. This blanket is far superior; it is one piece and the down squares ensure the equal distribution of weight. As someone with pretty regular bouts of anxiety, it has helped significantly, allowing me to fall asleep in a much more relaxed state and more quickly.”

7. Ourea 18lb Weighted BlanketOurea 18lb Weighted Blanket

Ourea 18lb Weighted Blanket/

Take it one notch up! This Ourea 18lb Weighted Blanket is designed to help provide natural, deep sleep by gently hugging your body and reducing tossing and turning. With a unique seven-layer design of 100 percent organic 400 thread count Egyptian cotton fabric, this weighted blanket is also breathable and temperature-controlled, providing warmth and coziness without allowing you to overheat. This blanket costs $79.80.

GJC says “Great blanket for half the price of others. I like that it has glass beads as they are supposed to be cooler than plastic. The blanket is well made, haven’t noticed any beads leaking out or shifting to different sections. The weight is evenly distributed and doesn’t shift around. I bought this because I wasn’t sure if a weight blanket would help my sleep and didn’t want to spend a lot of money. It was a worthwhile investment.”

8. YnM Bamboo 20lb 100% Natural Bamboo Weighted BlanketYnM Bamboo 20lb 100% Natural Bamboo Weighted Blanket

YnM Bamboo 20lb 100% Natural Bamboo Weighted Blanket/

A 20-pound blanket is on the higher end of the weighted blanket spectrum, so make sure you’re consulting the weight-to-weight ratio recommendations! This YnM Bamboo 20lb 100% Natural Bamboo Weighted Blanket offers a seven-layer structure that provides comfort without allowing you to overheat. Each individual bead-filled compartment is a little over four inches providing maximum comfort and equal body contouring for any size or shape. It’s recommended to include the 100 percent natural bamboo duvet cover as well to protect the blanket and extend its life. This blanket costs $89.90.

Fit Hot MEss says “I am a long time insomniac, I have tried every OTC, prescription, tea, herb and therapy with no luck. I tired the cotton version along with the bamboo. The cotton is cozy but a bit warm if you plan to use covers. The bamboo is a bit cool at first but warms up really well but doesn’t get hot. I tried a few other weighted blankets in the $200 range but the beads shifted and they weren’t nearly as cozy as this one. I plan to buy these as gifts this year.”

9. Weighted Idea 22lb Queen Weighted BlanketWeighted Idea 22lb Queen Weighted Blanket

Weighted Idea 22lb Queen Weighted Blanket/

Another step up with the weight! This Weighted Idea 22lb Queen Weighted Blanket is large enough to put on a queen size bed and with enough weight to distribute across two bodies for dual enjoyment. Made with 100 percent cotton, this supple and soft weighted blanket promises good quality, deep, and restful sleep. It’s also versatile and can be used on a queen bed, as a throw blanket on the couch, or even traveling! This blanket costs $79.90.

Lacey Sovik says “I had previously purchased another brand of weighted blanket but found it rather uncomfortably, mostly because it was too hot. That brand claimed 100% cotton but there was a layer of polyfill inside. I ordered this blanket to see if it was truly 100% cotton as they claimed and it is and what a difference it makes! It is super comfortable. I ordered the 48″x78” size for my “half” of a king-size bed and it is just right for one person; it covers from chest to over my toes and is wide enough to allow rolling side to side in the night without rolling out from under it. Added bonus? It’s just heavy enough to keep my husband from stealing my covers in the middle of the night!”

10. CoziRest Cooling 25lb Weighted BlanketCoziRest Cooling 25lb Weighted Blanket

CoziRest Cooling 25lb Weighted Blanket/

Alright, we’ve officially hit one of the heaviest blankets available! If you’re seeking a super heavy comfort-driven blanket, this is the one for you! This CoziRest Cooling 25lb Weighted Blanket is on the higher end of the price spectrum due to higher quality and the fact that it takes a bit more to make. CoziRest uses premium quality materials including a seven-layer designed made with 100 percent natural, 400 thread count micro-peach fabric — offering an extra soft feel without sacrificing its durability. On top of that, this blanket uses glass beads that are odorless and hypoallergenic and padded with fluffy polyfill padding. Get this blanket with the all-season cover made from cooling bamboo! This blanket costs $109.97.

Natalee Jansson says “I am very pleased with my purchase. I bought this blanket for my husband for Christmas. He doesn’t sleep deep, he tosses and turns all night. I was hoping it would help him get a better night’s sleep. He says the blanket has actually helped. He likes it a lot and so do I. I steal it every chance I get. I love the feel of the weight (my husband said after the first few nights his body felt a little sore the next day from the weight as his body adjusted to the weighted blanket, but nothing to complain about). The main feature that sold me on this particular brand was the double-sided cooling cover. So far we love the soft minky side and we’re curious about the cooling side in the summer, but it definitely feels cool to the touch even now. I would definitely recommend this blanket. I am going to buy another one for me and one for my kids as well.”

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