It’s easy to just get up and go to the store to grab everything you need for Christmas, from ornaments to presents. But what if you’re on a budget? Or just interested in living on a little less?

Either way, there’s no need to break the bank for the holidays to have stunning décor. You can do plenty with what you already have at home, or with a few cheap extra buys from the local craft shop or dollar store.

The following 10 do-it-yourself YouTube tutorials can serve as great jumping off points for bigger projects you may have in mind down the road. Each video features simple yet stunning decorative items for Christmas from unique ornaments made of recycled materials to a quick-and-easy holiday centerpiece.

Try out one or two or all 10, and be sure to tell us how they turned out! And remember – think outside the box! It’s DIY so anything goes!

1. Christmas Tree Ornaments Made from Broken CDs by Crème de la Craft

2. Quilled Paper Christmas Decorations by Kativilaga

3. Christmas Wreath Crafted from Old Book Pages by Robeson Design

4. Recycled Cardboard Christmas Ornament by Mark Montano

5. Recycled Newspaper Christmas Ornaments by PaperPastels

6. Toothpick Starburst Christmas Decoration by Hectanooga1

7. Christmas Ornament Tree Centerpiece by Leah Nass

8. Sparkly Reindeer Puzzle Ornament by The FuzzyDragon1

9. Simple Cupcake Ornaments by RealAsianBeauty

10. Winter Candle Holders by Sparklyblond1

Image source: David Davies / Flickr