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If you’re smitten with a fellow Earth and animal lover, there are several great date ideas that the two of you can enjoy together. Many of these are outdoor activities that offer a hybrid appreciation for animals and the planet. Some of them involve getting crafty, while others will provide a fun way to give back to society. In honor of this month of love, here are 10 date ideas that honor a shared love for animals and the earth.

1. Take a walk on the beach and clean up the shore. For a romantic time that also helps clean up the planet, take a sunset stroll on the beach. While you walk hand-in-hand, pick up trash along the way. You’ll enjoy quality twosome time while also making the shore a cleaner, safer place for animals.

2. Go to a farm, animal sanctuary, or petting zoo. Forget the zoo or circus, where animals are kept and managed for profit and show. The tactics used by circuses are harmful to animals. Skip these tourist traps and instead go to an animal sanctuary, small farm, or petting zoo. You’ll be supporting local agriculture and farming, and the animals are probably treated better there.

3. Bake treats for three (or more). Stay home with your furry friends and make some delicious, home made dog treats and humans-only cookies. Use organic, fair/trade and local ingredients for a full-green affair. When they’re done, the three (or more) of you can sit down and enjoy your respective treats along with a movie.

4. Get artsy and decorate bird feeders. If you like bird watching and creating colorful art, then a perfect date idea is decorating bird feeders. You can buy plain feeders at hardwood or pet stores. Use non-toxic paint and get artsy. Make some bird treats, hang up your feeders and watch the beautiful birds come to your yard.

5. Take a walk in the park with your dogs. If both of you have dogs, then go for a walk in the park together with your furry friends. You’ll all get exercise, fresh air, and quality time. And the dogs will of course love it!

6. Volunteer at an animal adoption event. Go online and search for charity events that benefit the planet and animals. There are plenty of events that you two can Donate your time to, like animal adoption fairs or animal welfare donation benefits. You’ll be helping a local charity and getting to know each other. Look for events held by activist and community groups like the ASPCA and NYC Alliance for Animals.

7. Go hiking. Leave the modern world and conveniences behind and immerse yourself in nature. Go for a hike, and maybe you’ll spot some animals along the trail.

8. Go to an animal shelter to feed and play with animals. A great way to honor your love for animals is to visit an animal shelter, where your time is much needed. Spend a couple hours feeding animals, playing with kittens and puppies, and helping caretakers.

9. Attend a charity dinner/event for a charity organization. Get fancy by attending a gala, dance, or benefit for your local animal or earth-saving organization. Since the tickets can be pricy, these events are best if you’re looking for a swanky, nighttime date with cash to spare.

10. Have dinner for you and your furry friends. Find a restaurant that is pet-friendly so you can dine with your date and your pets at the same time. Look for a place that has a separate menu for your dogs.

With these ideas, you can share your love for animals and the planet while having a great time together. Here’s to love of all kinds for all things!

Image Source: Emily792872 / Flickr