Cosmetic Brands that are helping the environment

Image credit: Hannah Nicole/Flickr

Beauty may be skin deep, but good makeup helps bring it out. There are thousands of makeup brands that all claim they’re ‘all-natural,’ but what does it really mean?

All-natural ingredients in makeup are, simply, what they sound like: plant extracts, minerals, vitamins, berries, herbs…the list goes on. All-natural makeup, especially the kind that’s organic, is not better for the just environment, but they’re better for your body too.

But not all cosmetic brands are equal. There are ones that use all-natural ingredients, and then there are ones that take the next step when it comes to helping the environment, and that’s by not testing on animals or using animal byproducts like beeswax in their products. Other brands and companies also use sustainable packaging to limit their impact even more and donate portions of proceeds to organizations that benefit animals and the planet.

We like to consider the following companies to be the (dairy-free) cream of the crop in the cosmetic world.

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