Finding a veg-friendly option at a restaurant used to be a difficult task, but now fully vegan and vegetarian eateries are becoming popular. And great news: eco-friendly and veg traveling is also on the rise!

Now, there are plenty of wonderful options for all you Earth-and-animal-conscious travelers out there! The following hotels are just a sampling of what’s available. More can be found on the fantastic website, Veggie Hotels, which lists green and veg accommodations across the world.

Another great website for your veg travel needs is up-and-coming Vegan City Guides that features in-depth advice on where to stay, eat, and play in places like Taipei, Mumbai, and Sydney, with more city guides coming soon.

So grab a friend, and hop in your car or book a ticket to one of these 10 awesome green and vegetarian places to stay at during the holidays!

In the U.S.

1. Park Lane Guest House

Park Lane Guest House

Location: Austin, Texas

Green amenities:

  • Green Leaders Platinum Certification
  • Cottages are solar powered
  • No cleaning chemicals or fragrances used
  • E.O. Small Planet organic personal products available to all guests
  • Robes and linens are all 100 percent organic cotton
  • Full made-to-order vegetarian breakfast served daily (vegan options are also available!)

What we love: for an extensive guide to all things vegan – people, restaurants, events, and activism! The Food Republic also has a great guide with lots of reviews of the best vegan and vegetarian restaurants in the city. Be sure to keep these guides handy during your stay!

Plan your visit at Park Lane Guest House!

2. Briar Rose Bed and Breakfast

Briar Rose Bed and Breakfast

Location: Boulder, Colorado

Green amenities:

  • Organic breakfasts served and catered to guests’ dietary needs whether vegetarian, vegan, or gluten-free
  • Fine organic cotton sheets by Coyuchi
  • Bath products from Shikai and soap from Kiss My Face in 12 oz. bottles which are refilled as needed
  • Eco-friendly cleaning products
  • Paper, glass, metal and plastic recycling
  • Food and yard waste compost
  • Eco-friendly VOC-free paints
  • Member of the Green Hotel Association

What we love: Peaceful Prairie sanctuary, a safe haven for farm animals – it’s about an hours drive outside of Boulder, but well worth the trip!

Plan your visit at Briar Rose Bed and Breakfast!

3. Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary Guest House

Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary Guest House

Location: Woodstock, New York

Green Amenities:

  • A hearty vegan breakfast
  • Live rooster “alarm clocks” right next door (so no electrical gadget needed!)
  • Every stay helps farm animals!

What we love: Well obviously, the animals of Woodstock! Spend your day getting to know these animals and their stories.

Plan your visit at Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary Guest House!

4. The Cherokee Rose Inn

Cherokee Rose Inn

Location: Portland, Oregon

Green amenities:

  • 100 percent vegan!

What we love: The bike friendly atmosphere and how dog-friendly the area is! Check out Stumptown Vegans for a list of the top 10 must-see spots for vegan tourists! Sneak peak? VooDoo Doughnut — the magic is in the hole, and in vegan yeasted and cake donuts. Stumptown Vegans’ VooDoo Doughnut favorites include: Apple Fritters, Portland Cream, and the Chocolate, Chocolate, Chocolate. Say no more!

Plan your visit at the Cherokee Rose Inn!

5. Cedar House Inn & Yurrts

Cedar House Inn & Yurrts

Location: Dahlonega, Georgia

Green amenities:

  • Lacto-ovo vegetarian breakfast served, vegan with notice!
  • Composting toilets
  • Naturally-made cleaning products
  • Over 300 trees and 30 varieties of edible plants have been planted on the property to encourage wildlife, provide food, and reduce carbon footprint

What we love: There are many nearby wineries and the “growing-more-vegan-each-day” city of Atlanta is just a little over an hour’s drive away, and hosts an annual Veg Fest. Be sure to check out Happy Cow’s list of vegan restaurant picks for the area, too.

Plan your visit at Cedar House Inn and Yurrts!

Outside the U.S.

1. The Cob House

The Cob House

Location: Muizenberg, South Africa

Green amenities:

  • The house itself is built from mud and straw and the community was asked to join in learning about the process while the house was being built
  • Water savings and green energy were key elements of the planning, with a solar geyser and grey water system/ rainwater collection points installed
  • Much of the structural timber of the house is local pine, and the joinery is made for the most part from siligna – the only South African-grown sustainable hardwood
  • Full organic vegetarian or vegan breakfast

What we love: The Cob House offers tours through their in-house company, Off-beat Tours, offering 14 years of experience and knowledge of the region – with insider tips on more ethical and green places to visit. Muizenberg itself has many shops, including organic bakeries, a variety of restaurants (including vegan/ organic options), surf schools, and performance venues.

Plan your visit at The Cob House!

2. Temple Lodge Club

Temple Lodge Club

Location: London, England

Green amenities:

  • Use of natural fibers in bedding
  • Largely organic breakfast
  • Vegetarian restaurant on the mezzanine floor

What we love: Beyond Skin, a London-based vegan shoe company that is out of this world. Oh, and be sure to check out VegNews’ guide to the top 10 eateries for vegans in London for additional eats outside of the lodge club.

Plan your visit at the Temple Lodge Club!

3. Bed and Broccoli

Bed and Broccoli

Location: Katandra West, Victoria, Australia

Green amenities:

  • Australia’s first all-vegan bed and breakfast!
  • Your stay helps fund the rescue of spent farm animals otherwise destined for death

What we love: The amount of food at this place! Spinach and “feta” pastry, Nik’s curried “sausage,” Caesar salad with “poached egg” — we can’t even go on because we’re getting to hungry just thinking about it! See all these delicious dishes here and don’t forget to spend some time with the rescued animals while you’re there.

Plan your visit at Bed and Broccoli

4. Maitreyi Vedic Village

Maitreyi - The Vedic Village

Location: Aliyar, Pollachi, India

Green amenities:

  • 100 percent organic food
  • Allergy-friendly rooms
  • Built following ecological principals

What we love: The yoga, meditation, other spiritual activities on-site along with the the breathtaking mountain views and local wildlife.

Plan your visit at Maitreyi Vedic Village!

5. Downtown Bed & Breakfast & Spa

Downtown Bed & Breakfast & Spa

Location: Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Green amenities:

  • Organic for 17 years and counting
  • Waste compost
  • No air conditioning
  • House garden

We love: Pets are welcome at this charming B&B and it has a great location, too — right next to the museum of nature!

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