No, you aren’t seeing things- this is a computer that is made from cardboard! Okay, well, obviously it’s not made entirely from cardboard, but Recompute have designed and developed their computer casing from 50% recycled- and 100% recyclable- corrugated fiberboard. With the vast majority of cellphones, computers and computer accessories either being buried in landfills or incinerated, E-waste has become a very serious problem. Recompute aim to address this by using what they call a “full life cycle” design. The computers are created using low-impact manufacturing methods, they encourage purchasers to re-use existing hardware, and can be quickly and easily dismantled once they reach the end of their life. This means that parts can be appropriately disposed of, re-used or recycled, rather than being sent to landfills. In fact, the case can go out with the rest of your cardboard for collection! These are  full-functioning workstation computers that will run both Windows and Linux.

(Don’t forget, you can also help to combat e-waste by recycling or re-purposing regular computer cases after removing the internal hardware.)