The World Health Organization (WHO) acknowledged in July that the coronavirus is airborne and can be carried by tiny aerosols. Our talking and breathing release droplets and particles that can carry the virus into the air. Many scientists had been asking the WHO to reconsider their position and acknowledge that the virus is airborne.

This data confirms that keeping a six-foot distance and wearing masks are important protective measures, but it also leads to a discussion on indoor air quality, opening windows, and improving airflow to help stop the spread of the virus. Aerosols and transmission are important to keep in mind in restaurants and other similar scenarios.


Linsey Marr, an aerosol expert at Virginia Tech, said in an email to the New York Times, ” It is refreshing to see that W.H.O. is now acknowledging that airborne transmission may occur, although it is clear that the evidence must clear a higher bar for this route compared to others.”

One person is thought to have infected 52 of 60 other people present at a choir rehearsal in Washington in March. The practice was in a contained area, lasted 2.5 hours and the group was signing, a practice known to produce aerosols. The room they were in was also poorly ventilated.

To help prevent the spread, experts are encouraging people to avoid crowds, especially indoors. They’re also recommending that indoor ventilation be improved, including air filters in air conditioners, opening windows and doors, and adding portable air cleaners to indoor areas.

Read more about protecting yourself from coronavirus. Check the CDC website for more information on how to protect yourself and check our latest article to learn how COVID-19 differs from the flu.


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