Coronavirus has been unsettling for everyone. Not only do we have a deadly pandemic constantly looming over us, but our whole lives and daily routines were uprooted. People are disoriented and longing for some sense of normalcy and comfort. For some, comfort and some semblance of control come in the form of guns.

Source: NBC News/Youtube


The U.S. already is an outlier among countries for gun ownership and mass shootings as well as other gun-related deaths among countries with a similar economy. During the pandemic, around 3.7 million people bought guns in March, 3.9 million in June, and 3.6 million in July. These numbers compared to the same months in 2019 show that the number of people arming themselves have close to doubled. Experts believe that this huge increaes is due to coronavirus, as gun sales often go up during uncertain times, as well as Trump’s tendency to play into people’s fears.

Source: Washington Post/Youtube

The increase in gun purchases is especially disconcerting considering recent events, such as Kyle Rittenhouse shooting people at a peaceful Black Lives Matter protest and Trump not only refusing to denounce police violence and white supremacy, but also telling the Proud Boys, a white supremacist fascist group to “stand back and stand by”, which they are now using as a rallying cry to take up arms.

If gun sales continue at their current rate, and the U.S. president continues to encourage racist vigilante violence, there will be more Kyle Rittenhouses, their victims exponential. We need to have stronger gun control and decrease the number of civilians that own guns in the U.S. to protect against these types of incidences as well as mass shootings. Sign this petition and tell Congress to immediately pass a federal assault weapons ban, and then run a federal buyback of all assault weapons in the country!


To continue speaking up, sign these other petitions as well:

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