Staying happy, motivated, and calm during the pandemic has been difficult for many. COVID-19 has increased the amount of stress that many people are under on a day-to-day basis. In addition to the pandemic itself, people have to deal with its effects such as food insecurity, job loss, not being able to go outside as often,  and less social interaction. These secondary effects of coronavirus are all collapsing together to cause a mental health crisis.

Source: CBS News/Youtube

US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recently released data from their survey assessing mental health during the pandemic. Almost 41% of participants reported struggling with mental health in relation to the pandemic, 13% said they’d started or increased substance use, and 11% said that they had seriously considered suicide in the last 30 days. Furthermore, researchers from the Well Being Trust and the Robert Graham Center for Policy Studies in Family Medicine and Primary Care estimate that there could be an additional 75,000 deaths from substance use and suicide.

The pandemic already made it clear months ago that we need a universal healthcare system in the U.S. This latest evidence just proves the case even more! The pandemic is still spreading rapidly and affecting people’s daily lives. Thus, its secondary effects are going to persist as well. Sadly, it can be difficult to get mental health care in the U.S. covered by insurance or for an affordable price. Mental health care is necessary, especially in times like this. Sign this petition to demand universal healthcare in the United States and to demand federal funding for mental health access for everyone!

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