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Norway’s female beach handball team has had a massive success after winning the fight over their sexist uniform restrictions.

The fight began about three months ago when the sport’s international federation fined the Norway team for not wearing the required bikini.

This sparked outrage all over the world as people agreed that this restriction was not fair or necessary. That the only reason for enforcing such a rule was to sexualize the players.

Starting in 2022, the female players will have to wear “short tight pants with a close fit” and a “body fit tank top”. Where the original rules required a bikini bottom and a midriff-bearing top while male players had much more lenient uniform rules.

Norwegian Handball Federation President Kåre Geir Lio said, “I think it’s good for the game, but first of all, it’s good for the women, and it’s good for how we treat each other in sports.”

Though the uniform rules still widely differ between the male and female players. Norway’s female team seems to be satisfied with how the rules have been changed.

It is a very small step towards equality in the sport but still shows that progress is being made. Hopefully, other sports will catch on and ditch their requirements for revealing and sexualizing uniforms only enforced on women players.

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