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A new documentary, FLINT, will be released the same week as the fatal water switch eight years ago. The film, directed by award-winning Anthony Baxter and narrated by Alec Baldwin, will open in theaters on April 29th.

Source: Cargo Film & Releasing/Youtube

The documentary was filmed over half a decade about the tragedy that began in Flint, Michigan, eight years ago that left the town without clean water. The director follows residents as they form long lines to collect bottled water every week.

When director Anthony Baxter first arrived in Flint in early 2015, he witnessed the protests about the polluted and toxic water and watched officials deny that anything was wrong. Finally, a pediatrician found proof that Flint children were exposed to ‘toxic waste’ levels of lead.

“Like this incredible movie shares,” said Dr. Mona Hanna-Attisha, “Everybody was being dismissed and denied and attacked. Anybody who raised any concerns about the water in Flint was being silenced.”

Source: CNN/Youtube

A recent study of 174 Flint children found that 80 percent required help for a language learning or intellectual disorder, while that number was just 15 percent before the water supply was switched.

Baxter returned to the town in early 2022 to speak with the locals, and health professionals who have been there since Flint’s water supply were switched to a local contaminated river. He was baffled by how little had changed.

“I saw the thrice-weekly snaking queue of traffic for donated bottled water. The residents I filmed for the documentary told me they refuse to drink even filtered tap water today. Their supply can be shut off for non-payment, of what are, the highest water bills in America. And they’ve received not a single cent in compensation for the damage done to them and their kids.”

Baxter added, “I feel it’s crucially important that – the people of Flint are not forgotten. Hopefully, this film will shed a fresh spotlight on their ongoing plight.”

The people of Flint deserve clean water, and eight years is far too long for this major injustice to be happening to these people. We hope Baxter’s film will call back attention to the problem in Flint, and people will realize that this is still happening! Eight years is far too long! Stand with the people of Flint and sign this petition to demand a response to their lead water emergency now!

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