Unfortunately, the world is not a very peaceful or safe place for many individuals. From conflict to abuse to exploitation, there is so much cruelty inflicted on both humans and animals. While this can get disheartening and difficult to hear about, petitions are a great way to use your voice for good. Just by signing one, you are a part of helping those who are not treated fairly. You can even share them with your friends and acquaintances to increase your impact.

Through petitions, we can reach those in power and demand justice for others. They are valuable tools for making positive changes in the world. If you are looking for a way to help animals and humans, here are 10 petitions you should sign this week, including Demand Animal Abusing Dr. Oz’s End Senate Campaign, Demand Investigation into Principal Who Assaulted an Autistic Child of Color, Tell California to Allow Animal Control Officers to Relocate Animals instead of Murdering Them, and More!

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We want to thank you for being the change you wish to see in the world and giving a voice to the voiceless.

1. Demand Animal Abusing Dr. Oz’s End Senate Campaign 

Source: Secular Talk/Youtube

Mehmet Oz, better known as Dr. Oz, has spent his career making dangerous and baseless medical claims, often for products promising consumers miraculous results. Now, in a review of the 75 studies published by Dr. Oz at Columbia University, researchers found that between the years of 1989 and 2010, his research tortured dogs, rabbits, baby cows, and more in horrendous experiments. They found that the Republican Senate candidate’s research “killed over 300 dogs and inflicted significant suffering on them and the other animals used in experiments.”

The evidence found that Oz’s team conducted experiments on at least 1,027 live animals, including dogs, pigs, calves, rabbits, and small rodents. The experiments killed at least 329 dogs, 31 pigs, and 661 rabbits and rodents.

Now, Dr. Oz is running as a Republican for Pennsylvania’s open Senate seat. It’s clear that due to his long history of spewing medical misinformation and torturing animals, he should not be in the Senate.

Sign this petition to demand that Dr. Oz end his campaign for Pennsylvania state Senate!

2. Demand Postcardmania Donate to Relief Funds After Forcing Employees to Work During Hurricane Ian 

Source: Daily Blast LIVE/Youtube

A postcard company in Florida decided that even as Hurricane Ian, the Category 4 storm, was barreling towards Florida, the workers needed to work anyways. This company cared more about profit than the safety of its workers and staff.

Counties declared states of emergency and ordered residents to evacuate. But Postcardmania declared the hurricane a small threat that was overblown by the media. The CEO of the company, Joy Gendusa, told employees, “We are not closing, we are working.”

To incentive their workers, the CEO told them they were “allowed” to bring their children and pets on the two most dangerous days of the storm. Then, after those two days, Gendusa expected employees to return to the office immediately afterward regardless of the flooding, destruction, and chaos happening in their communities.

Postcard printing is not an essential service. This is no way that a company should treat their employees, especially during a deadly Category 4 hurricane. The least that the company could do is now donate to hurricane relief funds.

Sign this petition to demand that Postcardmania donate hurricane relief funds after forcing employees to work during the storm!

3. Demand Wealthy Countries Help Pakistan With Climate-Related Flooding

Source: Tazzy Phe/Youtube

This year, Pakistan has experienced the worst flooding in history. One-third of the country is underwater. Over 30 million people have been displaced by the flooding, killing over 1,100 people.

The flooding is largely due to climate change. However, Pakistan contributes less than .5% to global emissions. It’s clear, and we’ve known for a while now, that the world’s wealthiest countries have caused the environmental disaster but have often felt the least of its consequences.

Countries like the United States are responsible for climate change, and they have a responsibility to step up and help these smaller countries that are feeling the worst of this extreme weather!

Sign this petition to demand wealthy countries like the U.S. cut emissions and compensate Pakistan for its flood-related losses!

4. Demand Alabama Stop Holding Pregnant Women In Jail Without Conviction

Source: WatchlistTYT/Youtube

A pregnant woman in Alabama was left stranded in limbo at a jail after police found marijuana on her during a routine traffic stop Because Ashley Banks was honest about her using the marijuana the day she confirmed her pregnancy, although, before the confirmation, the state charged her with chemical endangerment of a child.

Alabama policy made Banks remain in jail until she completed a drug-treatment problem, except she wasn’t qualified for the treatment at all because she was never addicted to drugs. The law, unfortunately, does not change based on individual assessment. So now, without eligibility to attend treatment, BAnks was stuck in jail for three months while she suffered vaginal bleeding and high-risk pregnancy.

Pregnant Ashley Banks was left stranded in limbo at an Alabama jail after having marijuana found on her during a routine traffic stop. Because Banks was honest about her using marijuana the day she confirmed her pregnancy, although it was before confirmation, the state charged her with the chemical endangerment of a child. Thanks to an Alabama policy, the charge forced Ashley to remain in jail until she completed a drug-treatment problem — except she wasn’t qualified for the treatment at all, as she wasn’t even addicted to drugs.

Sign this petition to call for Alabama to immediately fix this law that kept an innocent pregnant woman stuck in jail!

5. Utah Authorities Investigated a Child’s Gender Because She Was Too Successful at Sports

Source: KSL News/Youtube

In Utah, a teenage girl was doing exceptionally in high school athletics. Parents of other children who had been defeated in sports games became particularly upset. Those parents began to speculate about the girl’s body and gender identity and complained to the Utah High School Activities Association.

The organization investigated the full records of the child in question and analyzed her gender. They even did this without her parent’s consent or knowledge.

Unfortunately, these sorts of complaints are increasingly common. This is a breach of privacy and unacceptable for parents and the athletic association to act like this.

Sign this petition to demand that Utah High School Activities Association develop a clear, strong policy around these investigations so that they are not breaching innocent children’s privacy.

6. Demand Investigation into Principal Who Assaulted an Autistic Child of Color

Source: FOX 11 Los Angeles/Youtube

Footage was released this summer of a California principal physically assaulting an autistic student. Parents were horrified, and the principal resigned, but now, he is the vice principal at another school. Shockingly, he was allowed to work in the presence of children again.

In the video, the principal pushed the small child who cracked backward. It is unacceptable and every parent’s worst nightmare that their child could be met with such violence at a place where they are supposed to learn. To make matters worse, this happened with a disabled special needs student of color.

While authorities claim that this incident was not racially motivated, it is worrisome that a white man in power felt comfortable pushing a young child of color to the ground. Educators are supposed to be protecting the children and their safety at school, but this man should not be allowed to work near children again.

Sign this petition to demand that Tranquility High School, who hired the perpetrator as vice principal, fire this violent man immediately!

7. Change Columbus Day to Indigenous Peoples’ Day

Source: Bad Crayfish Productions/Youtube

Another Christopher Columbus day has come and gone while the government tells us to honor the memory of a man whose actions have haunted the nation for centuries.

The United States has far too long continued to steal land away from native communities and rip through the lands that are not theirs to take. It’s time that we honor those whose memories are worthy and who lost so much. Changing this holiday is much needed and long overdue.

Sign this petition to tell Congress to declare Monday, October 11, and the second Monday of every October going forward as Indigenous Peoples’ Day!

8. Tell California to Allow Animal Control Officers to Relocate Animals instead of Murdering Them

Source: Andrew Bland/Youtube

Carl the coyote roamed in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park and was loved by residents. He was known to be “unusually friendly” and comfortable around people. Then, one summer, authorities shot the poor animal dead.

Over 6 years, Carl became familiar with the city and the many parks. He called the many parks of the city his home and never caused any trouble. One day, authorities grew wary of Carl. When he became a father to a litter of his own pups, officials with the U.S. Department of Agriculture used this to their advantage.

One night, when the botanical gardens near his den had closed, and visitors left, they played a sound that mimicked the sound of coyote pups crying. Carl came to see, and authorities shot and killed him on sight.

Carl adapted to his environment, and humans were the ones that created a city and left coyotes like him with nowhere to go. According to California state law, agents are not allowed to relocate coyotes. Even though Carl and his family never caused any problems, his existence was enough for the state to kill him.

Sign this petition to demand California lawmakers allow animal control officials to employ non-lethal methods to deal with urban wildlife, including by relocating them to safer homes!

9. Demand Investigation into Gainesville PD After K9 Ripped Out Black Man’s Eye During Traffic Stop

Source: FOX 35 Orlando/Youtube

This July, Florida police officers pulled over a Black driver near Gainesville, Florida. The man claimed that he had run through a stop sign, however, since the incident, police have confessed that there is no stop sign at that intersection at all. The police ordered the man to exit the car. Being a Black man pulled over, he was scared and ran into nearby bushes. When he left, his elbow nudged against the cops who took this as “using force” against them. After they found contraband items in his car, they released the unit’s K9 on the man.

When the dog found him, Bradley begged for police to stop the dog, but they refused. He screamed and shouted. He told police that he had his eye ripped out of the socket, but they let the dog continue to maul the man. Eventually, they ordered the man to stand up.

For months the police department resisted calls from the public to share the bodycam footage. When they finally did, it was clear why they wanted to hide it for so long. The footage that they released was also obviously clipped and edited.

In the videos, one of the cops says, “We need EMS now. The eye is out.” And then, police went on to arrest Bradley.

The police report even blames the victim for the mauling. To make matters worse, the Gainesville Police Department was recently sued by a former police officer who said there was widespread and systemic racism within the K9 unit specifically. The former employee says that the staff consistently referred to Black residents and officers using racial slurs.

Sign this petition to demand a thorough independent investigation into the Gainesville Police Department and justice for Bradley!

10. Demand Iran Drop the Death Penalty and Free LGBTQ+ Activists

Source: i24NEWS English/Youtube

According to human rights groups, the Islamic Republic of Iran has sentenced two women, Zahra Seddiqi Hamedani, 31, and Elham Choubdar, 24, to death for their links to LGBTQ+ activists on social media.

The courts in Iran charged the women with “corruption of Earth” for promoting homosexuality, promoting Christianity, communicating with media hostile to Iran, and even for sex-trafficking charges, which is likely untrue.

Seddiqi Hamedani appeared in a BBC documentary about the abuses faced by the LGBTQ+ people in the region. She was arrested in Iran for attempting to flee to Turkey from the Kurdistan region, where she was tortured and imprisoned for her appearance in the documentary. Both women have been sentenced to death.

Sign this petition to demand the immediate release of the two LGBTQ+ activists who have been sentenced to death!

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