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As coronavirus cases increase, the question of whether you can be reinfected with the virus is becoming slightly more clear.

Since the start of the pandemic, researchers have been trying to figure out whether you can get infected by coronavirus more than once. Scientists had suspected that people who have had the virus, and therefore developed antibodies, have some level of protection from a second infection. The hope was to achieve herd immunity––after a large enough part of the population has been exposed, they can be immune to the virus such that new infections would significantly decrease.

Despite recent anecdotes about people getting reinfected, experts say it is highly unlikely someone could be reinfected in “such a short window or to make people sicker the second time.” Stories showing reinfection are dependent on the types of tests as some coronavirus tests have a 15 to 20% false-negative rate according to CNN’s chief medical correspondent Sanjay Gupta.

After stories of reinfection emerged in South Korea, a study from South Korea’s Centers for Disease Control and Prevention revealed that researchers were unable to grow live virus from any of the samples of people were tested positive for a second time. Most importantly, they found that the reinfected people hadn’t spread the virus to others.

While research on the coronavirus is still developing, the goal of herd immunity could still be attainable. Especially if we continue to practice safe social distancing and wear face masks in public spaces.

Read more about the rising cases of coronavirus across the country and protecting yourself from coronavirus. Check the CDC website for more information about the virus.

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