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After the Taliban takeover in Afghanistan, the country has slipped into a severe food crisis, with poverty levels rising and serious food shortages being found everywhere.

The issue has become so severe that India is considering sending 50,000 metric tonnes of wheat and medical supplies to Afghanistan.  The UN is determined to help get Indian supplies to Afghanistan, whether they are welcomed by the Taliban or not.

India has sent goods to Afghanistan before during other times of food crisis. However, they will not be able to follow their usual route and are considering the Pakistan route to Afghanistan instead. Conversations are currently underway about how to go about this since that path is usually only taken by Pakistan.

The UN World Food Programme has been helping India make these plans, as India plans to look to other countries for assistance in helping Afghans.

With how things have gone with the Taliban as of late, plans are never foolproof. They seem willing to accept the help now, but that might always change. Despite the Taliban’s mishandling of Afghanistan affairs, the rest of the world greatly wants to help the Afghan people.

Sign this petition to demand that the American and Canadian governments continue aiding in Afghanistan evacuation plans.

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