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Sponsored Reviews, Giveaways & Features!


Do you have a product or service that you’d like us to talk about ? That’s great, because we love to share cool stuff with our audiences and definitely want to hear from you!

Product Reviews: Submission Criteria

We conduct reviews and create a permanent page for your product on our site, which includes an open forum for customers to leave their feedback as well. However, we only accept products that align with the goals and vision of our platform. Therefore, every product or service goes through a verification process and you will only be asked to pay a fee if your product qualifies to be featured on our site. Here is an example of our review.

Product Giveaways: Submission Criteria

While we love combining giveaways with reviews, we do stand-alone giveaways as well; this not only creates goodwill and buzz, but is also great for word-of-mouth marketing.

Product Features: Submission Criteria

The types of products features we offer are:

    1. Promoted posts – a dedicated post where you get to tell our audiences how super awesome your product would be for them
    2. Promoted links – share the stage with other sponsors in a larger product-related feature, see some examples here.

Other Advertising Opportunities:

We offer everything from share-of-voice display advertising, social media mentions to custom sponsorship opportunities to promote your brand to our targeted audiences. Here are examples of our post page and index page ad placements. Contact us NOW.

Contact Us

For more information on, please email us at reviews AT onegreenplanet DOT org with your product and brand description, images and any other background information.