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Gene Baur Ends the Debate Between Vegans and Meat Eaters by Sharing the Keys to a Better Food System

In this episode, I speak with Gene Baur, President of Farm Sanctuary about the problems with our food system and explore solutions both meat eaters and vegans can agree on.


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About Gene Baur

Gene has spent the past 30 years promoting the idea that sustainable plant-based food can be the solution to issues of animal abuse, environmental pollution, and human health problems. He has been hailed the “conscience of the food movement” by TIME magazine and was recognized by Oprah for his work in the space.

Why You Should Listen

In this episode, I cover the following with Gene:

On the Problems With Our Food System

  • Gene has worked closely with local food activists and seen the power of corporate lobbyists in Washington D.C. firsthand. He explains how the agriculture system favors monocultures and commodity crops, particularly those fed to livestock, due to the influence of corporate dollars – but that doesn’t mean individuals are powerless. The way he sees it, people are voting with their dollars and already having a positive influence on major industries.

On Innovation in Agriculture

  • Having witnessed the evolution of the food movement over the past 30 years, Gene points out the new and innovative ways people are creating localized, community-based agriculture systems. From installing vertical gardens in abandoned warehouses to church-based community gardens, and the “Food Not Lawns” initiative, people all over the U.S. (and the world) are growing their own healthy, whole foods to solve issues of accessibility.

On “Processed” Meat Alternatives 

  • Gene is a proponent of whole, plant-based foods but he does support meat alternatives and companies that are making sustainable, vegan substitutes for meat and dairy products. He might believe that you should eat food as close to the source as possible but understands that if we’re going to solve the global problem of rising access to and demand for meat and dairy, we have to look toward solutions that have mass appeal.

On the Future of Food

  • If we hope to feed a growing population of 9.7 billion people by the year 2050, we need to find viable solutions that transcend dietary labels. Gene believes we can help people make more humane, just and sustainable food choices by promoting localized, community-oriented agriculture – but there’s much more to it. To hear his thoughts on how we can transform the food system in the next 30 years, listen now!

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