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Can Seafood be Sustainable? Captain Paul Watson of Sea Shepherd on How to Save the Oceans … and Our Species

I had the honor of speaking with Captain Paul Watson, President, CEO, and founder of Sea Shepherd.

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About Captain Paul Watson

Captain Paul Watson is a marine wildlife conservation and environmental activist, who founded the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, an anti-poaching and direct action group focused on marine conservation and marine conservation activism. For 35 years, Captain Paul Watson has been at the helm of Sea Shepherd, before that he helped to found Greenpeace. He has an extensive background working for conservation organizations such as Defenders of Wildlife, Fund for Animals, and Sierra Club. Captain Watson has spent the better part of his life standing in front of whalers, confronting marine poachers, and being an outspoken advocate for living in accordance to the laws of ecology. He is also one of the most renowned activists in the world.

Why You Should Listen

Few people have a better understanding of the oceans and their current state than Captain Paul Watson. Having grown up in a small Canadian fishing village, Watson has seen the impact of overfishing first-hand and recognizes that our greed and anthropocentric mindset has the potential to not just wipe out the marine environment – but more realistically, will wipe us out.

In this episode, I speak with Captain Paul about how our personal food choices are impacting the oceans, covering a range of topics from commercial fishing, how farming animals on land affects the oceans, and whether or not there is such a thing as “sustainable seafood.” 

While Watson doesn’t claim to be hopeful for the future of the planet, or rather the future of human life and society on the planet, he firmly believes that we as individuals have the power to make a positive change. Drawing from his own experience as well as many others’, he talks about how courage, passion, and imagination can make “impossible” changes happen. For Paul Watson, it all comes down to fighting for what is right and recognizing that every single organism on this Earth relies on a whole web of other organisms to survive and thrive.

 I had one of the most fascinating and enlightening conversations of my life with Captain Paul Watson, so if you’re in need of some inspiration to keep working toward what you believe in, listen in! 

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