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Creating the Purest Plant Protein and a Ripple Effect in the Food System With Adam Lowry of Ripple Foods

This episode features Adam Lowry, Co-Founder and Co-CEO of Ripple Foods, the first company to use yellow peas to create dairy substitutes.

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About Adam Lowry 

Adam Lowry Co-Founded Ripple Foods after years of experience creating businesses that benefit the environment and society. Before founding Ripple, Adam Co-Founded Method Products, an environmentally-friendly soap company. Prior to changing the way you clean your home, Adam was a climate scientist at the Carnegie Institution for Science, where he developed software products to help us better understand climate change.

When he’s not serving Ripple, Adam serves on the boards of AeroFarms, LLC, an urban agriculture company currently building the world’s largest vertical farm, and the National Marine Sanctuary Foundation.

Why You Should Listen

In this conversation, Nil gets Adam’s thoughts on the following 

Why Disrupt the Dairy Industry? 

  • Adam sees dairy as an industry that is prime for innovation. Detailing the environmental burden and inefficiencies involved in producing milk, Adam also highlights how there is a serious gap in the quality of plant-based alternatives that provide the same taste and nutritional contents as cow’s milk. He believes that food that is good for people and the environment should also taste really good and this is the founding principle behind Ripple Foods. In the interview he gets into Ripple’s nutritional profile and also speaks about the potential challenges that he foresees his company facing in the wake of the billion-dollar dairy industry. 

On Starting Your Own Business 

  • After having already successfully grown Method Products, Adam has seen his fair-share of the start-up business world. In this episode, he gives insights into what entrepreneurs should keep in mind when thinking about following their passion and building their own company. He also has experience securing venture capital funding and speaks more to his future plans for Ripple Foods and his overall goals with the business. 

Creating a Better Food System 

  • Adam’s focus extents far beyond just making dairy-free milk, he believes that there is a growing problem with Americans being overfed and undernourished and hopes to help create sustainable, healthy, and affordable food products that can help solve this problem. He also is a strong proponent of urban agriculture and serves on the board of AeroFarms, one of the largest vertical farms in the U.S. Method Products is also known for having a large rooftop farm, which is run by Gotham Greens in their Chicago facility. By making healthy, nutritious food more accessible to the people who need it most, Adam is helping transform how our food system works. 

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