There are many differing opinions floating around about which diet is the best for optimal health and wellness, but by and large, health professionals will recommend eating more fruits and vegetables as a sure-fire way to improve well-being. This is something that many of us know and try as we might to pack wholesome plant-based foods into every meal, work or life inevitably gets in the way, and we end up resorting to fast food or whatever snack we happen to have on hand when hunger strikes. Ain’t that just life, huh?

This is a problem that Monica Klausner and her brother Mark were both incredibly familiar with. Longing to recreate the simple plant-based, healthy meals they grew up eating in Costa Rica … but in a way that was convenient and practical for the average working professional or a busy mom, they ultimately landed on the concept behind Veestro. Mark officially launched Veestro in 2013 and Monica came on as the co-founder and CMO, and they have been serving up delicious, 100 percent plant-based meals ever since.


In a recent episode of the #EatForThePlanet with Nil Zacharias podcast, Monica shared more about the inspiration behind Veestro and the company’s mission to make healthy food accessible to everyone. Unlike other meal delivery services, Veestro does not require any chopping or prep work. Their meals are frozen and all you have to do is heat them up before you dig in!

From day one, they were committed to delivering their meals across the entire United States, enabling not only people who live on the coasts but those in food deserts or places where organic produce is hard to find, to get their hands on an easy, nutritious solution.

While some of us might be spoiled enough to have the CHOICE to eat healthy, organic food every day (but actively choose not to for whatever reason), Monica fields calls from people who are hours away from the nearest grocery store that stocks organic food. Best of all, she gets to share in the delight of consumers who are now able to have access to real, wholesome meals because they literally get dropped at their doorsteps.

In this conversation, Monica talks about the logistics of running Veestro and her mission to get everyone to eat more plants – be it for their own health, the health of the planet, or simply because it tastes so darn good. She gets into how they developed some of Veestro’s signature dishes, from country fried chicken to beluga lentil braise (yes, it’s all vegan!), and explains that they provide their customer service line on their website’s homepage, so they always have a direct line to the people eating their food. She also teases a retail version of Veestro meals that will hit the market within the next 12-18 months (yes, this means you will be able to pick up frozen vegan mac and shrimp jambalaya at your local grocery store!).


In Monica’s view, if you see a problem in the world, then you have to be the one to fix it – and in her case, that problem was the stark lack of easy, healthy meal options that can fit any type of lifestyle … and by delivering plant-based meals straight to the consumer, Veestro is doing just that!

To hear more about how Monica and Veestro are revolutionizing access to plant-based meals, listen in!

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