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The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources officials drastically scaled back the quota for wolves that could be killed this fall season going against the board’s decision on how many wolves could be legally hunted and killed.

The quota was originally 130, but the board decided to bump that number up to 300, with very little consideration of how this could affect the state’s entire wolf population. However, the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources moved the quota back to 130 wolves to preserve the population.

The annual fall wolf hunt has become a bone of contention between officials and the population in Wisconsin. The state is legally required to hold the hunt when wolves are not on the endangered list. However, the hunt often significantly alters the wolf population, putting them yet again at risk of endangerment.

One constellation is that the Chippewa tribes in Wisconsin are legally able to claim half of the wolf quota, even though they consider the animal to be sacred and do not kill them. Thus, 56 wolves of the 130 wolf quota will be saved from being slaughtered. The Chippewa tribes have often sided with conservationists in calling for a stop to the annual hunt.

Though this news comes as a great relief to animal advocates, it is still not the solution. This hunt is still taking place, as are so many others like it. They must be stopped, both because of the cruelty and for Conservation. There are much more humane and effective ways to control populations that do not involve mass slaughtering.

Sign this petition telling the Fish and Wildlife Service to act now and relist the gray wolf as endangered.

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