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Concerns over single-use plastic have been understandably rising. An estimated six million tons of single-use plastics are thrown out every year. It is estimated that by 2050, there will be more plastic than fish in the oceans. Thankfully, more and more alternatives are becoming available and changes are being made. Trader Joe’s announced a few months ago that it will reduce its plastic packaging and New York and California banned plastic bags. Now Whole Foods is announcing they will reduce the amount of plastic used and offered in their stores!

Whole Foods will eliminate plastic straws from all 500 locations in the US, UK, and Canada starting July 2019! The plastic straws are typically offered in their coffee bars, juice bars, and cafes, but now there will be recyclable and compostable paper straws available upon request. Disabled customers may still request plastic straws since they might require them for health and safety reasons.

Whole Foods will also offer smaller plastic bags in the produce sections and reduce the plastic packaging for their rotisserie products.

We hope this change will lead to more plastic reduction across other grocery stores! To understand more about the problem with plastic Pollution, check out:

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