It is essential to stay up to date with the latest animal and environmental news. We’ve gathered the top news of the week in one spot to give you easy access to some of our most important stories. Learn about climate change, animal rights, and what you can do to help. This week’s stories include celebrities like Meghan Markle, Jason Mamoa, Paul McCartney, and Ted Danson. You can also check out the top stories on puppy mills, slaughterhouses, the PACT Act, and more.

1. Meghan Markle’s Beautiful Jewelry Raises Awareness for Endangered Species!

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On Friday, October 25th, Markle was photographed at a roundtable discussion on gender equality at Windsor Castle with the Queen’s Commonwealth Trust (QCT) and One Young World. On her hands, were two beautiful rings with a deep meaning. She can be seen wearing the Bow Knot Ring and the Manta Kiss Ring from jewelry brand, Vargas Goteo. The brand creates jewelry inspired by and supporting conservation of endangered species. Read more about Vargas Goteo and Meghan Markle’s environmental efforts.

2. Undercover Footage Reveals Extreme Violence and Suffering in Sheep Slaughterhouse

Lead Image Source : Courtesy of Animal Equality

Animal rights organization, Animal Equality, released footage and photos (warning: graphic) from an undercover investigation that took place during July and August 2019 at Farmers Fresh Wales slaughterhouse in Wrexham, North Wales. What they captured is absolutely heart wrenching, but even more sickening is that much of the violence witnessed and recorded was done with a Food Standards Agency inspector present. Read more about the violence uncovered from the investigation.

3. Petition: Ban Puppy Mills in the United States!

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In puppy mills, puppies are mass-produced for profit as if they were some type of product and not a living being. Dogs are kept in wire cages where feces and urine fall through the cages stacked on top of each other contaminating their food and water. Dogs are bred repeatedly and forced to deliver and wean in a small “breeding box.” Weaning is also forced too soon causing emotional stress for the mother and the puppy. Read more about the horrific conditions of puppy mills and sign the petition.

4. After Being Arrested For Protesting at the Capitol, Actor Ted Danson Urges Congress to Ban Single-Use Plastics!

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Ted Danson spoke before congress on October 29 to ask them to reduce single-use plastics. He asked for legislation to reduce the production of the plastics, speaking about their impact on oceans and marine animals. Read more about Danson’s environmental activism.

5. Urge Trump to Sign Preventing Animal Cruelty and Torture (PACT) Act into Law

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Recently, the U.S. House of Representatives passed the Preventing Animal Cruelty and Torture Act (PACT). In the past, the House of Representatives never voted to pass the PACT Act, H.R. 724. Therefore, this was great news for animals and all animal activists and organizations that have long been championing for a federal law against animal cruelty. The Senate had passed it before, so it’s no surprise that they swiftly voted to pass it again last night by unanimous consent! Read more about PACT.

6. 4 Things Greta Thunberg Told Ellen She Does to Help the Planet That You Can Do Too!

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The very busy young activist has been very busy recently spreading awareness on climate change during her trip to the United States which she made on a emissions-free yacht. Ellen DeGeneres, beloved talk show host waited two months to get Thunberg on her show. She was welcomed with a powerful video compilation of her activism and they went on to discuss climate change activism. Watch the video and read about how Greta saves the planet.

7. Urge the Food and Drug Administration to End Cruel Animal Testing and Research!

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More than 60,000 dogs in about 350 labs in the U.S. are used for testing and research. It’s usually involving drugs, pesticides, and medical devices, which has been proven to be different for animals than for humans. According to the National Institutes of Health, 95 percent of drugs tested on animals ultimately fail in human trials. Read more about the cruelty of animal testing and sign the petition.

8. Elephant Collapses and Dies of Exhaustion After Being Overworked

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An 18-year-old elephant named Kanakota collapsed and died due to exhaustion after carrying around tourists that same day. The day before, Kanakota also participated in a parade where the elephants are forced to walk along busy streets wearing extremely elaborate and heavy adornments that strain them. Like many captive elephants, he was also hit with a bullhook. Read more about captive elephants and learn how you can help.

9. Paul McCartney Calls for End to Animal Experiments and Abuse in New Music Video!

Lead Image Source : Debby Wong/Shutterstock

Paul McCartney has released a new music video for animal rights. Released at the end of October, his new video is a partnership with PETA to end animal testing. The former Beatle is a longtime advocate for animal rights. Read more and watch the video.

10. Jason Momoa Recklessly Feeds Cookie to a Bear from his Mouth as Publicity Stunt to Promote Movie

Lead Image Source : Tinseltown/Shutterstock

Actor Jason Momoa is sparking outrage from animal activists after sharing an Instagram video that shows him feeding a bear a cookie from his mouth. Many people do almost anything for a fun or interesting post for their social media accounts. In fact, the desperation to get a cool photo with or of an exotic animal is harming endangered species around the world. Watch the video and read more about the controversy.

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