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Many of us spend lots of time in our kitchens. They are where we nourish our bodies and store and prepare that nourishment. That said, in terms of the environment, the convenient option in terms of storing food is not always the best. It’s important to keep in mind that small swaps can make a big difference, especially with items we are using every day. So, for those of us looking to make our lives a little greener, a good place to start is the kitchen, where so much of our time is rightfully spent.

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Every day we produce 500 million straws, and guess where all of this plastic ends up? If you guessed the garbage, you would only be partially correct. Only 15 percent of the plastics we produce are properly recycled, so that means that 425 million straws make their way into landfills every day. The good news is there is an easy little fix to this giant problem: reusable straws. Just be sure to slip one in your pocket every morning before you leave your house, and you can save sea turtles a world of pain and save the world’s oceans at the same time.

You may not realize it, but those single-use plastic bags stick around for a lot longer than any of us ever will. By swapping those plastic baggies and plastic lunch boxes for more sustainable options like silicone, you are on your way to making a positive difference in your everyday life.

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