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one green planet

The Green Planet, a new five-part documentary series hosted by Sir David Attenborough, is set to premiere next month on PBS. Throughout the five episodes, Sir David travels the globe to reveal the secret lives of plants. He explores Earth’s biodiversity through the hidden world of plants, on which humans and animals are dependent.

Source: BBC Earth/Youtube

Sir David explains, “Every mouthful of food that we eat, every lungful of air that we breathe, depends on plants.”

The series uses new filmmaking technology and the latest science to delve into the world of plants that are often overlooked. Viewers will see plants from the deepest jungles to the harshest deserts. He will meet the largest living things that have ever existed, trees that care for each other, plants that hunt animals, and plants that breed so fast they could cover the planet in a matter of months, according to PBS.

He finds seeds that can outlive civilizations and plants that remain unchanged for decades. The unique motion-control robotics systems catch the amazing lives of plants that are hidden from the human eye. Thermal cameras, macro frame-stacking, ultra-high-speed cameras, and the latest developments in microscopy show how these incredible plants can communicate with each other, care for their young, and help the weak and injured. They can plan, count, and even remember, PBS said in a news release.

Sir David believes we are living at the perfect time for a reexamination of the plant world, “There has been a revolution worldwide in attitudes towards the natural world in my lifetime — an awakening and an awareness of how important the natural world is to us all,” he said. “An awareness that we would starve without plants, we wouldn’t be able to breathe without plants. Yet people’s understanding about plants, except in a very kind of narrow way, has not kept up with that. I think this series will bring it home.”

The five episodes are titled Tropical Worlds, Water Worlds, Seasonal Worlds, Desert Worlds, and Human Worlds. Produced in a partnership between BBC Studios’ Natural History Unit, The Green Planet will premiere on five consecutive Wednesdays from July 6 to Aug 3, 2022, from 8:00-9:00 p.m. ET through local listings on PBS,, or the PBS Video app.

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