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A study released in August revealed that air pollution may not always come from the places that we think it comes from.

A test was conducted to see how much air Pollution was in New York City. Scientists expected to see high reads from the bumper to bumper traffic, but instead picked up a variety of air pollutants from paint, deodorant, personal care products, and perfumes. All of these products create volatile organic compounds, which turn into serious and dangerous air Pollution. Many of these products are petroleum-based and evaporate from the skin into the air around us.

This information could be a breakthrough in how we tackle air Pollution, now that we know where so many of the most common pollutants are coming from.

Scientists advised people to try to avoid petroleum-based products and instead use water-based ones. They also say to look for products without a scent. As a rule of thumb, if you can smell a fragrance, the product can cause pollutants to go into the air.

Now that we have this research, hopefully, we can begin to better prevent and reduce air Pollution by making better decisions in regards to our personal care and being more aware of common pollutants. This, of course, needs to be done alongside the fight against fossil fuel companies and large corporations that pollute our planet without consequence.

Our environment will never get protection if our leaders continue to put profit over people and the planet. With White House policies subject to political fluctuation, and the judicial branch inclined to protect corporate spending, it is important to pressure Congress to restrict corporate lobbying. You can Support those efforts by signing this petition.

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