More plastic roads! South Africa is the latest country to use plastic bottles in road construction and repair. The country is using plastic milk bottles to improve road quality and solve its waste problem.

Shisalanga Construction laid the country’s first plastic road in August, 2019. It used plastic in the construction. Potholes are a significant problem in South Africa and the country hopes plastic will help ease that problem.


400 meters of road have been laid in Durban so far, using 40,000 two liter plastic milk bottles in the asphalt. Shisalanga Construction uses high-density polyethylene (HDPE), the plastic used in milk bottles. Recycling plants turn HDPE into pellets and then the HDPE replaces six percent of the binding agent in asphalt. Each ton contains 118 to 128 plastic bottles.

Shisalanga general manager Deane Koekemoer said of the roads, “We’re taking plastic out of our dumps (landfills) and we’re reducing our pollution problem, and to top it off we’ve produced a product that’s far superior to alternatives.”

The asphalt has other environmental benefits as well. Mixing with plastic produces less emissions and the asphalt is more durable. Shisalanga has been sourcing the bottles from the landfill.

Plastic roads are common in India and have recently been rolled out in Los Angeles. Critics say that microplastics and harmful emissions are a problem with these roads. Shisalanga said its five years of research has ruled out these problems.


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