The Bell Bowl Prairie is a five-acre plot of land outside of Chicago that still retains imprints of the continent’s last glaciers.  But the area is now at risk of demolition as the Chicago Rockford International Airport seeks to expand.

The Bell Bowl Prairie exists because of “a highly unusual combination of topographic and soil conditions.”  As a gravel prairie, it is “among the rarest of the rare, comprising about 3% of the remaining acreage of high quality prairie in the state.”  And because of its rare qualities, the Bell Bowl houses endangered species of migratory birds and a myriad of other wildlife.  You can follow this link to see a full list of the endangered and threatened species on the prairie, including the rusty patched bumble bee, prairie false dandelion, and upland sandpiper.  For those interested in reading about the Prairie in detail, you should check out this comprehensive report.


The good news is that many groups are fighting to preserve this land, including the Natural Land Institute, and there are many ways that you can get involved to help.  The list includes:

  1. Tell 5 people about Save Bell Bowl Prairie and ask them to tell 5 people too. Send them to

  2. Attend Save Bell Bowl Prairie events

  3. Join the Save Bell Bowl Prairie Facebook group


  4. Fill out the Illinois Environmental Council action alerts (IL residents)

  5. Tweet at lawmakers telling them to #SaveBellBowlPrairie


  6. Donate to the cause: help pay for legal and advocacy expenses

You can also follow along with updates to the efforts to save the Bell Bowl Prairie.  And, of course, you can sign this petition and ask the airport to protect the ancient Bell Bowl Prairie.


To continue speaking up, sign these other petitions as well:

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