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Researchers have created promising new technology that could remove cancer-causing ‘forever chemicals‘ or PFAS from our drinking water.

Source: CBS Evening News/Youtube

PFAS, are a synthetic man-made chemical substance that is used in non-stick and stain-resistant products. They can be found everywhere, from pizza boxes to the carpet in your home. PFAS are often called “forever chemicals” because they persist in the environment.

They are currently allowed in every state except Hawaii and are found in an array of items you would never expect, like furniturewaterproof clothingfood packagingrubbersplastics, and even dental floss.

Researchers estimate that more than 200 million Americans in every state could have cancer-causing carcinogens in their drinking water, CBS News reported. These chemicals don’t break down and contaminate soil and drinking water and can be found just about everywhere.

Source: LastWeekTonight/Youtube

Amy Dindal, the PFAS program manager for Battelle, a scientific nonprofit, has developed technology that could help eliminate the problem through a process called supercritical water oxidation, which breaks down the chemical bonds in seconds.

“‘Supercritical water’ means that you increase the temperature and increase the pressure and you get it into a special state, where the oxidation will occur more naturally. So in this special state, it breaks the [carbon–fluorine] bond,” Dindal told CBS News.

The lab has been able to successfully eliminate PFAS in drinking water and has teamed up with Heritage Crystal-Clean, a waste management company, for more testing.

Currently, the EPA has guidelines on PFAS in drinking water but more needs to be done to keep these dangerous chemicals out of our food, water, and air. Sign this petition to stop industrial industries from dumping harmful toxic chemicals into our waterways!

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