A herd of elephants on a journey through southwest China is being watched by millions on their journey, NBC News reports. The elephants‘ 300-mile journey is being followed by police officers and drones.

The herd finally ended their journey in Kunming in the southern Yunnan province, after leaving their native nature reserve. Adam Chang, who delivered corn and pineapples to them, told NBC News that the encounter was amazing.


“I saw them picking apart the corn with their trunks,” he told NBC News via WeChat. They are just so much more lively than those I saw in the zoo. It almost felt as if they had a holy aura around them.”

As millions watched the herds, animal scientists warned that the journey is an indicator of humans encroaching on their habitat. Elephants take long journeys if they can’t find food and resources to meet their needs.

Tammie Matson, zoologist and research fellow at the University of Rwanda and director of Matson and Ridley Safaris, told NBC News, “Some may be driven to move away to get access to these resources to avoid competition,” she said. Elephant populations in the area have increased in the past few decades.

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