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Jane Fonda recently made the days of eight high school students after she appeared on zoom to watch their climate change presentations.

A student had earlier reached out to Jane Fonda, asking her if she would consider donating to help students take a climate change class. To his surprise, Fonda got back to him and actually agreed to pay his and seven other students’ way to a climate change class.

She appeared as a zoom guest to watch them present their final projects saying, “I’m just so proud of you. Look at you all. I’m just thrilled.”

Source: Idaho Statesman

Fonda, an activist in her own right, was greatly moved by the students’ presentations on current climate change issues and possible solutions. She praised their commitment to learning about climate change.

Fonda said, “I am so moved and so impressed. This has gone way beyond what I ever thought. You are stellar, you are all amazing and smart and inventive.”

The group of students also received her praise for holding a protest in the hopes of having climate change classes installed at their high school.

The class cost Fonda about $9,000, but she was reassured that every penny was worth it by the student’s teacher. 

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