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A mini golf center in England at Boscombe Pier in Bournemouth now has golf balls that feed the fish! The 18 hole mini golf course features Ecobioballs. When dropped into water, the golf balls biodegrade within 48 hours and contain food that feeds the fish.

The mini golf course is part of a larger attraction on the Boscombe Pier. As a player meanders along the course, the 18th and final hole has a special feature. When you putt the ball into the hole, it drops through the pier and into the ocean, feeding the fish.

AlbusGolf, the company that manufactures the eco friendly golf balls, focused more on sports and tourism that serious golf equipment. Perfect for sites like the pier in Bournemouth. On their website, the company’s mission is to, “Albus Golf’s mission is to design innovative and unique products with ecological and biodegradable features that improve the sustainability and biodiversity of marine life, in order to satisfy the sporting and leisure requirements of our customers and improve their environmental awareness.”

Golf enthusiasts now have an option that doesn’t harm marine life and doesn’t harm their golf game. The company has sold over 750,000 Ecobioballs to a variety of customers. Their main markets are hotels and yachts.

And the Boscombe Pier is receiving press for its use of the Ecobioballs. It’s the first British Pier to use them. Tourist reviews are in and positive. The National Conservation Society has given the pier congratulations for its environmental commitment.

Check out this video that shows the golf ball!

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