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Plastic water bottles seem like something that will be practically impossible to get rid of. People expect to find them in the grocery store, at food carts, in supermarkets, on the road, and pretty much anywhere. But we have to get serious about plastic pollution. As average citizens, we can do our absolute best to avoid plastic in any way we can, but we really need companies to take responsibility and change their practices. If they use less plastic or stop using it at all, then there is less plastic to avoid in the first place.

Dasani, a well-known water company, is tackling their reliance on plastic with new products that are much more sustainable than their typical plastic bottle. They are not only replacing plastic bottles with aluminum cans and bottles, but they’re also rolling out package-less vending machines where people can refill their reusable water containers.

People can be reluctant to change and our reliance on plastic is so severe that Dasani cannot do away with the plastic bottles entirely. However, the ‘plastic’ bottles they will continue to use will be different in that they will be “made with a mix of 50% recyclable plant-based material and 50% recycled P.E.T. materials.” They call it the HybridBottle.

Dasani also tested out their PureFill vending machines on college campuses and will now be expanding it to offices and workplaces. These “package-less, bring-your-own-bottle PureFill vending machines … dispense water to customers who provide their own container.”

Brand director at Dasani, Lauren King told Food Business News: “While there is no single solution to the problem of plastic waste, the additional package and package-less options we are rolling out today mark an important next step in our effort to provide even more sustainable solutions at scale.”

We hope other companies follow suit and find innovative ways to replace the plastic used to sell their products. If you want to do your own part in avoiding plastic to the best of your abilities, check out these 15 Eco-Friendly Products You Should Be Using!

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