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The water crisis in Jackson, Mississippi, continues to get worse, and to top it all, the city has run out of bottled water to give residents. The city does not have enough water to fight fires, flush toilets, or even give to residents in need.

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Jackson’s main water treatment facility began to fail last week, according to Governor Tate Reeves. Historic rainfall flooded Mississippi’s Pearl River, which is a key pump at the O.B. Curtis water treatment water to the capital and t plant. This plant provides drinking water to the capital and has now left around 150,000 residents without safe drinking water.

Climate-induced flooding and droughts are stressing water systems all across the world and as Climate change grows, experts warn that the crisis in Jackson could just be the beginning.

“The situation in Jackson is a cautionary tale, but the reality is that in 2022, communities across our country have experienced severe flooding as well as drought,” says Mami Hara, the CEO of US Water Alliance.

The National Guard was tasked with distributing bottled water, but the distribution has failed. Residents were forced to wait in lines over a mile long at Hawkins Field Airport for at least two hours last Tuesday for just one case of bottled water. The event was supposed to run three hours but barely made it to two after they ran out of 700 cases of water.

While the city is working on more water distribution events, the Mississippi Emergency Management Agency says they will provide around 28 water trucks to help supplement the distribution events.

Source: MSNBC/Youtube

The flooding of the Pearl River in Jackson, along with the complications at the water treatment facility, has contributed to the city running out of water. But before all of this, the city had already been struggling with water problems for years. The city has been under a boil water notice since last July due to a water quality issue.

The state has been having issues with discolored water recently as well. There have been numerous reports of discolored water coming out of faucets. Some are worried that they are becoming the next Flint, Michigan.

President Joe Biden has been briefed on the water crisis, and the White House has reportedly been in “regular contact with state and local officials, including Mayor Lumumba, and made clear that the Federal Government stands ready to offer assistance,” according to press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre.

The Environmental Protection Agency said that they are working on “ensuring all people have access to healthy and safe water is a top priority.”

“We are in communication with officials in Mississippi and stand ready to provide Support should the State request federal assistance,” the EPA statement read. “In the interim, we are available to provide technical Support and information to Mississippi officials as they navigate their plan to address the immediate concerns at the O.B. Curtis Water Plant.”

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