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NYC has successfully designed a new and sustainable playground at the Battery where the children can visit five different ecological zones.

Warrie Price, the founder and president of the Battery Conservancy, said, “We immerse children into the natural wonders formed by plants, trees, sand, and ancient stone while building an understanding of accommodating climate.”

The Battery playscape features granite slides, salt-tolerant gardens with elevated treehouses, as well as riverbed and marsh areas to play in. A puppet theater is also featured in the park, giving kids a fun activity to watch for entertainment.

The park will be open year-round and is completely free to anyone as long as children are supervised. The park was made big enough to accommodate both local families as well as visitors, so it’s great to check out whether or not you live in the area!

This is a wonderful way for children to embrace nature in the safety of a controlled environment where they will not be in any danger and the natural habitats will not be disturbed.

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