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Leslie Robinson, Arunachala Animal Sanctuary and Rescue Shelter


Leslie is a US citizen. He has spent 26 years in India and considers it his home. He had undergraduate and graduate work at the University of Michigan in business and actuarial mathematics, finishing in 1959(seems like 1871). Spent several years on one of the country's finest actuarial staffs. Then a couple of years as the Chief Actuary of the State of Michigan. And then several years in his own consulting firm. He met his guru in 1975, moved into his ashrams, and has been on the Spiritual Path ever since. He spent ten years in the ashrams of his guru, managing one of them for a year. Spent four years in the mountain gonpa of one of the elder Tibetan masters that came over the Himalayas, fourteen months of those in solitary silence in a remote Retreat on three hundred acres of sacred land. Passing thru Tiruvannamalai in 2006 on his way to the Himalayas, stopped the killing of street dogs, and started the Shelter…And, that’s it, folks!...Used to be wealthy…And now he’s poor…He says it’s about the same.